ACell Hair Restoration

With 1 PRP Treatment


Nurse Injected

ACell Hair Restoration

With 6 PRP Treatment


Nurse Injected

ACell Hair Restoration

With 6 PRP Treatment


Doctor Injected

Procedure Time: 1-2 Hrs

Recovery Time: None


Hair loss and thinning of hair occurs naturally as we age, but can happen at age for many reasons. For those with excessive bald spots or a receding hairline, it can be hard to find a hair loss treatment that works for you. PRP and Acell hair restoration treatments are a new and unique procedure that helps promote hair growth, through repairing the specific problems that may correlate with your hair loss.

With the newest in regenerative and medical technology, The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery offers PRP and Acell hair restoration to residents in the Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland areas.


Bellevue PRP and Acell hair restoration is an injection hair loss treatment that prevents the shrinking of hair follicles. It also helps reverse the process in already shrunken hair follicles. This stimulates hair growth and helps maintain the hair you currently have.

A cosmetic surgeon or certified nurse injector normally administers this type of hair restoration. Patients often prefer injectable hair restoration procedures because there is no incision, no hair grafting required, and minimal or no scarring. This makes the procedure less invasive and more accessible to those who may not have enough hair for grafting or scar easily.


Many Bellevue hair restoration patients see hair growth within 1-3 months, others see results within 4-8 months after treatment. You may see results continue up to a year after your treatments.

Most hair restoration treatments do not see immediate results. It takes time to see how your scalp and hair react to the treatment. Even in more invasive hair grafting treatments, there are no guarantees the transplanted hair will succeed. PRP and Acell hair restoration in Bellevue sets you up to have the best hair restoration results.

PRP + ACell Regenerative Technology:

PRP and Acell hair restoration accomplishes these results by combining two of the most effective hair loss therapies–Platelet Rich Plasma and ACell.

First, your provider creates Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP. PRP is a substance rich in growth hormones derived from your own blood. One of its most important functions in the body is that it helps heals wounds and injuries. So, when PRP is injected into the scalp, the PRP triggers a healing response in the body. This prompts your body to begin healing the treatment area, revitalizing the shrunken and damaged hair follicles.

Next, Acells, harvested from the bladders of pigs, are combined with the PRP for an even better result. Chemically, these cells are extremely similar to human tissue and typically absorb into the body after treatment. Acells generate the growth of new blood vessels in the scalp. Blood vessels have shown to be important to hair growth. Moreover, those with hair loss tend to have fewer blood vessels in the scalp. Using Acells to promote blood vessel growth can encourage new hair growth and contribute to the overall health of your hair.

The Acells provide the ideal environment for your hair to grow while the PRP nourishes the environment for new hair growth. When these two effective regenerative treatments are used in one hair restoration treatment, they stabilize the skin of your scalp through the creation of new blood vessels, repair of hair follicles, and strengthening your existing hair follicles.


Any person experiencing hair loss or thinning is a possible candidate for PRP and Acell hair restoration in Bellevue. There is no required amount of hair loss that makes you eligible for PRP and Acell hair restoration. If you are already completely bald, the treatment may not be as effective as someone who still has some hair left.

While complete baldness may make the procedure ineffective, if you have some hair growth and active hair follicles, you can consult with your provider to see if PRP and Acell hair restoration may work for you. This hair restoration method may be effective if your hair follicles faced damage from an injury. While it is not always possible to see hair growth after an injury to the skin on the scalp, using the PRP and Acell to act as and help produce new tissue can provide a good chance of new hair growth in the injured areas.

Since PRP and Acell hair restoration in Bellevue is a non-invasive and safe procedure, most people in good health are candidates. Certain health issues such as blood, autoimmune, or unmanaged conditions may put you at risk of complication or compromise your results, so it is important to tell Dr. Jonov the extent of your medical history and current health so he can make an informed decision on whether PRP and Acell hair restoration is right for you.


You can expect your PRP and Acell hair restoration appointment to take 1-2 hours. The appointment will begin with drawing your blood so that your provider can begin the process of isolating the PRP. While the PRP spins in a centrifuge for around 20 minutes, a topical anesthetic is applied to the scalp to prepare it for treatment. Once the PRP is ready, it is combined with the Acell. Finally, your provider uses a small, precise needle to inject it perpendicularly into the scalp. As he injects, he will specifically target areas of hair loss and thinning hair. You should feel little or no pain during the procedure.

Before you leave, your provider will lead you through any required aftercare and information you need. While PRP and Acell hair restoration is a non-invasive and straightforward treatment, because everybody’s scalp and hair are different your treatment and recovery instructions may also differ.


Once your provider finishes treatment, you are free to return to your daily activities. There are no restrictions after a Kirkland hair restoration treatment, but you should still use caution on the same day of treatment. This can vary by patient and your provider will alert you if you have any specific recovery directions. 

For a few days after treatment, you can expect some tenderness and tightness of the scalp. You should only experience minor pain, but you can take approved painkillers if it interferes with your routine. Like other injectable treatments, little risk is associated with PRP and Acell hair restoration in Kirkland.

Many patients appreciate that a PRP and Acell restoration typically does not require significant downtime or recovery time. It makes the treatment easy to fit into your schedule and overall less painful than more invasive hair restoration methods. 

Will I Need Multiple Treatments?

Depending upon your specific hair needs, you may require multiple PRP and Acell hair restoration treatments in Bellevue. Many patients are satisfied with their results after just one treatment, while others opt for another treatment roughly six months after the first.

During your consultation with Dr. Jonov or one of our Nurse Injectors, he can determine if you will likely need multiple treatments. However, whether or not you need another treatment will depend on your satisfaction with your results and goals for your hair.

To maintain and continue to improve your results, our providers often recommended that you receive a treatment roughly once a year. While not always needed, this can keep the regenerative processes going for years, keeping your hair thick and full.


PRP and Acell hair restoration–unlike other hair treatments–works from the inside out. Instead of transplanting hair from another site, PRP and Acell hair restoration works to repair and grow hair follicles. While other hair restoration methods can provide similar results, PRP and Acell hair restoration continues to provide results and stimulate new hair growth for up to a year after the treatment. 

PRP and Acell restoration is less invasive than hair transplanting and requires no downtime compared to other methods. Using Acell to treat hair loss also does not require grafting hair from other parts of the scalp or body. For those who do not want an incision, prefer non-invasive procedure, or cannot undergo hair grafting, PRP and Acell hair restoration is a viable alternative.

Unlike with hair transplant, one of our certified Registered Nurses can perform the procedure. This lowers the cost and makes it a more affordable hair restoration option. Our nurses undergo supervised training with our doctors who ensure they perform every PRP and Acell restoration in Bellevue with precision and the utmost care.

Benefits of PRP And ACell Hair Regeneration

PRP and Acell hair restoration is one of the newest hair restoration methods available today. It is designed to promote hair restoration for up to a year after treatment and it is possible to need no further treatments. The results seen can often affect one’s everyday life and confidence leading to immense personal benefits.

Beyond new hair growth and the repair of hair follicles, there are many benefits including: 

  • Quick results
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • No downtime required
  • Painless
  • No grafting required
  • Regenerative procedure
  • Little risk for complication
  • Custom tailored during the procedure to fit your needs

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