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Patient Case #798

Women seeking facial rejuvenation sometimes address their eyes first as it is an area where certain features can make one look tired and weary. This 46-year-old patient came to Seattle cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Craig Jonov, to remove the loose skin that was hanging from her upper eyelid, as well correct the dark circles under her eyes. It was the bags and circles under the eyes, in particular, that made her look exhausted even after receiving a full night of sleep. Dr. Jonov performed blepharoplasty (known as eyelid surgery or an eyelid tuck) to remove the skin on the upper eyelid. Lower eyelid surgery using an incision along the lash line allowed Dr. Jonov to remove excess fatty tissue and pull up the remaining skin so that a softer, smoother look could be achieved. Our patient now appears “awakened” and more alert. She is happy with her results and looks and feels rejuvenated!

Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White

Patient Age: 40 - 49
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