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Dr. Amstadter grew up primarily in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Before graduating from high school, her family moved to Newport Beach, California. She always had a keen interest in aesthetics and obtained her BA in Communication Arts and Sciences from the University of Southern California.  During her time in college, she worked as a makeup artist at Chanel for 3 years where she first encountered and learned about aesthetics.

Dr. Amstadter then went to medical school in Chicago at Northwestern University. After discovering her aesthetic medicine dream, trained to use BOTOX and filler and began to inject patients. Currently, she specializes in BOTOX injections, non-surgical hair restoration, and dermal filler injections. She is especially known for her artistry in performing fillers. 

She graduated in 1998 and went into general surgery. After completing 3 years of a general surgery residency, she became a critical care physician. Practicing in the Emergency Room for 10 years and completing a family practice residency in 2007, gives her a wide realm of medical experience not seen in other injectors. As the first non-plastic surgeon MD at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, she has a broader base of knowledge that allows her to better understand and treat her patients.

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Becoming An Aesthetic Medicine Physician

With her background in the beauty and medical industries, Dr. Amstadter combines art and science to offer her patients the best results. Her natural creativity, eye for aesthetics, and medical training allow Dr. Amstadter to precisely personalize every treatment to each individual. Not only is she artistically inclined, but she has a passion for bridging together aesthetics and medicine. Deeply committed to both the creative and scientific crafts, Dr. Amstadter’s talent and expertise are among the best.

In her own words when speaking about her craft, Dr. Amstadter said, “In order to maximize what I do, I have to expose who I am rather than pretend I fit in a mold – because I do not fit in any mold anywhere, much less here at Allure. I am not a plastic surgeon, I am not an anesthesiologist, I am not a nurse or a PA. I have had one of the most interesting careers in medicine of anyone I know and I bring ALL that experience to whatever I am doing. Which makes me unique and gives me a completely different perspective and attitude that other physicians, surgeons, or injectors may have.”

Dr. Amstadter feels that The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery offers her the perfect last chapter of her medical career where she can continue to grow her skills and achieve her legacy as one of the best aesthetic medicine physicians in the United States.

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