About Haley Rowe

Haley was born and raised in southeast Idaho. Growing up, she witnessed the birth of her niece and was awed by the way the medical staff worked together seamlessly. This experience inspired her to pursue nursing when she entered Boise State University. 

After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree, she moved to Wisconsin for a few years. All of the residency programs there were full and so Haley took a chance and took a job in the cosmetic surgery field. During this time, she received her injector training and worked in aesthetic injections there for four years. 

A Portrait of Nurse Injector Haley Rowe

Upon moving to Washington, she became one of our Senior Nurse Injectors and assists in surgery. She prides herself on continuing her education and learning the newest techniques to help patients renew their confidence. She loves that her job brings happiness and new life to patients. 

When not fulfilling her duties as a Nurse Injector and Registered Nurse, you can find Haley hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and spending time with her husband and their dog. 

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