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On this section we will explain the procedures and equipment Dr. Jonov recommends as key points to a successful recovery. Why is this therapy important?
1. Treat the signs and symptoms of post surgical bruising and edema (swelling).
2. Promote and monitor the healing process.
3. Prevent and treat fibrosis, adhesions or undesirable scar tissue.
4. Treat and control scars, keloids and hypertrophic scars. 5. Advise after-surgical care to ensure the success of surgery.

What To Expect

Cosmetic active recovery is designed to accelerate the recovery of the tissue to reduce the recovery time for you. Ultrasound assisted massage is a therapeutic method used after surgery to reduce swelling, bruising, pain, and reduce the recovery time.
Some general effects of ultrasound therapy:
● Activate the lymph and lymphatic circulation
● Improve blood circulation
● Enhance immune system function
● Stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system resulting in a relaxation effect
● Assist in preventing hypertrophic scars or keloids
● Reduce fibrosis following liposuction

This massage helps to move the lymph (liquid that remains under the skin). The massage is gentle, not painful with a deep and constant pressure applied throughout the area.
1. Stimulation of the circulation of body fluids: Stimulation activates the function of lymphatic circulation. The increase in the body’s blood circulation restores blood flow which reduces cutis marmorata, dry, and paper-thin skin.
2. Stimulation of the immune system: The passage of lymph through the lymph nodes stimulates the immune system and immune reaction.
3. Nervous system: Lymphatic drainage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system causing a relaxation and anti-spastic effect for the muscles. In addition, the decreased swelling around the nerves reduces pain and releases muscle tension.
4. Reduce fibrosis: Edema (swelling) is an excessive accumulation of fluid in the interstice that when left can cause fibrosis (thickening and scarring of connective tissue). Ultrasound assisted lymphatic massage stimulates the excess fluid and moves this fluid out of the body
5. Improve cellular nutrition and tissue recovery: Swelling increases the distance between nutrients and tissues, leading to a slower recover. Manual drainage of this fluid decreases inflammation and allows more nutrients to be absorbed.

During/After Surgery


  1. Breast Augmentation Ultrasound Prevention – Two thirty minute sessions per week for three weeks
  2. Body Liposuction Ultrasound Treatment- Two thirty minute sessions per week for three weeks
  3. Breast Augmentation Ultrasound Treatment- Two thirty minute sessions per week for two months

Planning Your Procedure

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