PRP Hair Restoration

6 PRP Treatments


Nurse Injected

PRP Hair Restoration

6 PRP Treatments


Doctor Injected

Procedure Time: 1-2 Hrs

Recovery Time: None


There are a variety of physical and mental conditions, natural factors, and events that contribute to hair loss. Alopecia, genetic predisposition to hair loss, male pattern baldness, and trichotillomania can cause bald spots or hair loss in people of all ages. When we begin to lose our hair, whether from aging or a medical condition, the results can devastate our self esteem and appearance. PRP hair restoration can help you save your hair follicles and see new hair growth.

At The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, we understand that hair loss can negatively affect your self image and mental health. There are many Seattle hair restoration procedures available today. One of these options is Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, hair restoration. PRP hair restoration can give you fuller, thicker hair growth. The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery offers PRP hair restoration in the Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland areas.

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PRP hair restoration is a type of hair loss treatment that injects Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP into the shrunken hair follicles to help repair and strengthen them. During the procedure, your provider will expertly inject the PRP into the thinning or lost area. This minimally invasive procedure boosts hair growth and prevents your hair follicles from getting smaller. It also reverses the process in hair follicles that have already shrunk.

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma?

While we often think of blood as a liquid, there are also various solid components like white cells, red cells, and platelets. These platelets contain hundreds of growth factors and proteins vital for blood clotting.

Since PRP is present when your body heals wounds, your body reacts accordingly to the injections of PRP and believes there is a wound to heal. This is how PRP stimulates long term regeneration of your hair follicles which creates the perfect environment for hair to flourish.

To make PRP, a small sample of your blood is drawn and then spun in a device called a centrifuge. The spinning takes about twenty minutes and when it finishes it will have isolated the PRP contained in your blood.

When injected into your hair follicles, the PRP acts as a trigger for your body’s healing response. When your body senses the PRP, it immediately sends a response that helps produce new collagen and repair damage. Not only does this renew damaged hair follicles, it also strengthens your existing ones to help prevent future hair loss.

Does It Hurt?

Because a numbing agent is used during treatment, you can expect to feel little or no pain during your Seattle PRP hair restoration. Other than the blood draw, you should not feel uncomfortable during your procedure. Our team will do everything to make you Bellevue PRP hair restoration a comfortable and worthwhile experience.


When you come into The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery office for your PRP hair restoration appointment, we will begin by drawing your blood and preparing the PRP. During this process, your registered nurse or Dr. Jonov will spread numbing cream or inject numbing shots of Lidocaine into your scalp to make sure you are comfortable during treatment.

Once the PRP is finished, your registered nurse or Dr. Jonov will inject it into the scalp. They will specifically target the thinning areas and where you have the most hair loss. The entire procedure can take up to one or two hours because your provider will carefully work to target the areas where the hair follicles are smallest.

Dr. Jonov usually recommends a PRP hair restoration treatment every month for around six months. Within this six month period, it is normal to see some minor hair growth, like stubble, in the treated areas. Larger, more permanent hair growth will take time to fill in, you will begin to see these results around one to two months after your final PRP hair restoration in Bellevue. 

You can expect to continue seeing results up to a year after your last session. This is because PRP is a regenerative treatment that continues to stimulate the areas long after injections. It is possible that after a year you will need another round of treatments, but this will depend on the results you see and your desired outcome.

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Can PRP Hair Restoration Treat Other Hair Loss Areas?

Yes, since PRP hair restoration is an injectable treatment, it can treat other areas of hair loss such as the beard or chest. It is important to note that you must have been able to grow hair in the area and still have active hair follicles. Without active hair follicles, PRP hair restoration in Bellevue is not likely to help.

While PRP hair restoration treatment may work in areas outside the scalp, the vast majority of hair restoration treatments are conducted on the scalp. Your provider at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery will determine if PRP hair restoration is an effective treatment for your hair loss area.

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Like many other injectable treatments such as Botox, you usually do not require any specific amount of downtime. Many patients can return to their normal daily activities immediately after treatment. You may feel some tightness that feels like a mild sunburn on your scalp for a few days after treatment, and, in rare cases, may experience some mild bruising. Bruising or other similar side effects should resolve on their own quickly. 

Since Bellevue hair restoration requires drawing blood, you may bruise or feel some minor pain after the procedure. None of these side effects should significantly impede your day, work, or any other activities.

This does vary from patient to patient. Some patients may require some aftercare or downtime after the procedure. Typically though, patients need no or very little downtime or recovery after or between treatments.

The best way you can help along your treatments are to continue a healthy lifestyle of a nutrient rich diet and regular exercise routine. This will ensure your body can maintain your healing response and has the nutrition necessary to keep your hair healthy and strong.


Anyone experiencing hair loss–especially age related hair loss–are good candidates for PRP hair restoration in Kirkland. PRP hair restoration is a non-invasive treatment and does not require an incision. Dr. Jonov may decide that you should not have PRP hair restoration treatment if you:

  • Smoke
  • Take blood thinners
  • Have a low platelet count or platelet disorder
  • Cannot give blood
  • No longer have active hair follicles or are completely bald
  • Have a major medical illness that could hinder the healing process or complicate treatment

As mentioned above, you may not be a candidate for Kirkland PRP hair restoration if you are bald or completely lost all your hair. This is because while the PRP works to repair damaged hair follicles, it cannot bring back dead follicles or those that never produced hair. During your consultation Dr. Jonov can determine if PRP hair restoration will provide you results and is the best option for your Kirkland hair loss treatments.

Due to these factors, during your consultation it is important to give Dr. Jonov a comprehensive medical history so that he can determine if PRP hair restoration is right for you. After fully understanding your health and hair loss, he can accurately determine the right hair loss treatment for you. 


The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery features an accredited surgery center that is professional and private. You can expect your PRP hair restoration to be a relaxing experience where you will simply lie back during treatment. 

Dr. Jonov is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with years of experience in cosmetic procedures including multiple methods of hair restoration. Regardless of the reason for your hair loss or the extent, Dr. Jonov can help determine what the best hair restoration treatment is for you. The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery provides PRP hair restoration to residents of the Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland areas.

Along with Dr. Jonov, we also offer PRP hair restoration with one of our qualified Nurse Injectors. Having your PRP hair restoration performed by a Nurse Injector comes at a lower cost and still allows for great results. Often, your consultation will happen with Dr. Jonov where he will determine if you are a candidate and take down any information pertaining to your PRP hair restoration. Dictating this information to your Nurse Injector, they will formulate a plan that best addresses your specific hair loss needs. 

Under the direction of Dr. Jonov, your Nurse Injector will then carry out your treatments. Our Nurse Injectors train under our doctors and are certified in PRP treatments. The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is dedicated to helping you see permanent and meaningful results.


The cost of PRP hair restoration in Kirkland varies depending on whether you receive treatment from Dr. Jonov or a Nurse Injector. With Dr. Jonov, PRP hair restoration begins at 3,500 for a series of six treatments. The price of PRP hair restoration with a Nurse Injector is 3,000 for six treatments.

Our providers usually advise six treatments over six months because this protocol has shown the best results for our patients in the past. Your provider will recommend a custom treatment plan for your unique hair restoration case.  

Dr. Jonov does not collect a consultation fee and there is no pressure or judgement during a consultation at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery. Our prices include the cost of facility fees, all materials and steps related to your procedure, and the base price of the procedure itself. Prices can change based on what is needed for particular treatment needs.

Have More Questions?

During a consultation with Dr. Jonov at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, he can thoroughly and accurately answer any of your questions. He will inquire about your hair loss experiences, medical history, and from there he will decide if you are a good candidate for PRP hair restoration in Bellevue. If he determines PRP hair restoration is a good option for you, he will draft a custom treatment plan that considers all aspects of your body, hair loss, and medical history.