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Does The Zombie Carbon Laser Peel Cause Peeling?

By November 1, 2021 No Comments
The zombie carbon laser peel is The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery’s take on a traditional carbon laser peel. Combining soothing carbon lotion with laser technology, the treatment is fairly comfortable and rejuvenates the skin without creating major damage. Since it is referred to as a “peel”, many first time patients ask, “Does the zombie carbon laser peel cause peeling?”   Generally, the answer is no. Unlike a traditional chemical peel that contains various ingredients designed to resurface the skin such as lactic acid, carbon lotion is not formulated to do this. It provides a dark colored surface for the laser to target which controls the amount of laser energy that reaches the skin. This leads to a treatment that both rejuvenates and soothes the skin.   With that said, some patients can experience minor peeling after the procedure. While not especially common, it is usually not something to be concerned about. If patients experience peeling, they can moisturize and, after a few days, lightly exfoliate. You can also always contact your master esthetician to find out the best aftercare solution for your skin.   To schedule a free consultation with a master esthetician, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also reach out online using chat, contact form, or Price Simulator®.
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