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False eyelashes, known as strip eyelashes, are fake lashes applied at home. Using provided lash glue, the lashes adhere to the skin of the lash line. While many of these options can look natural, they typically are only meant to last a day or so before removing. However, professional lash enhancement can create the look of natural lash extensions that do not need to be removed on a nightly basis. The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery provides the best lash extensions Bellevue and Kirkland offer.

Overview: What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent set of false lashes that attach to your natural lashes to increase their volume, length, and prominence. They also tend to create lashes that look darker and fuller. Similar to hair extensions, if maintained properly, they can essentially become a permanent fixture.

As their name implies, eyelash extensions essentially extend the length and volume of your lashes. Unlike a lash lift that uses your natural lashes, eyelash extensions use fake lashes to extend your lashes beyond their natural lengths. They also provide a natural tint since extensions are generally dark colored.

Lash extensions are most commonly made from non-animal materials such as silk or synthetic materials. However, they are sometimes made of mink, sable, or fox fur. If you are vegan or want to ensure fully synthetic lashes, discuss this with your master esthetician. Though, it should be noted non-animal derived lashes are the most frequently applied.

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    There are many benefits of lash extensions, especially for patients with light colored lashes or who have naturally short lashes. Some of the benefits of eyelash extensions include:

    • Longer, natural looking lashes
    • Darker tint without mascara or a lash tint
    • Enhance eye shape and appearance
    • Mascara and other lash enhancing makeup are not needed
    • Few risks
    • Lightweight
    • Unlikely to damage natural lashes
    • May improve the look of hooded eyes
    • Customizable
    • Removable at any time
    • Complements a brow tint

    Types Of Lash Extensions

    Eyelash extensions come in different applications types including classic, volume, and hybrid. At The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, we primarily apply classic lashes.


    Classic eyelash extensions are generally considered the most natural looking eyelash extensions. This technique follows the natural lash lengths. The longer extensions will go on the longer lashes and the shorter ones on the small lashes. For most people, this looks like shorter extensions towards the end of the lids and longer ones toward the middle and far side of the eyelids. 


    Sometimes called Russian lashes, this technique applies multiple extensions to one eyelash. This leads to a more volumized and dramatic look than classic lashes. They do tend to follow the natural lash lengths but will look less natural than traditional lash extensions. 


    Hybrid lash extensions combine classic and volume lashes. This is popular for those who want wispy looking lashes. In this case, multiple extensions are placed on some lashes while others only receive one. This is based on your natural lash structure.

    Before & After Eyelash Extensions


    Your first appointment with a master esthetician will be a consultation to discuss your goals and examine your natural lashes. They may ask about your lifestyle and preferences as this can also affect whether extensions or another option like a lash lift would work better for you. Certain aspects of your medical history may also become relevant.

    If your master esthetician determines you are a good candidate for lash extensions, they will discuss the procedure and the various options. This may include the ideal lash extension lengths based on your natural lashes, how to prepare, and what to expect. 

    Extension Application

    Classic eyelash extensions involve placing one extension on each lash. The lashes will follow a natural length pattern to accentuate your natural features. The first step your master esthetician will take is to clean your lashes of any debris and leftover mascara. You should come to your appointment free of eye makeup.

    Once clean, your master esthetician will place pads underneath your eyes and close your eyes so that the lashes rest against them. They may tape your eyes closed to ensure no contact between the adhesive and your eye occurs. From here, they will create a map of your natural lashes to determine the ideal placement based on the extension lengths.

    Your master esthetician will then carefully dip individual lash extensions into the adhesive and place them onto your natural lashes. This process takes around two hours depending on your needs. You should remain perfectly comfortable. You may feel some light tugging on your eyelashes and lids.

    After placing all of the extensions and making sure they are adequately attached to each lash, they may comb through them and then carefully remove any tape and the pads. You can then immediately enjoy the look of your lash extensions.


    When compared to a lash lift and tint, eyelash extensions are higher maintenance. However, for many, they are the only way to achieve the dramatic look they want. Additionally, lash extensions tend to be more predictable, reliable, and customizable. 

    Therefore, many people find it worth the extra work. Some of the aftercare after lash extensions in Bellevue may include:

    • Do not use oil based makeup or products
    • Limit the use of lash makeup or procedures
    • Try not to sleep on your face where the lashes could be damaged
    • Avoid getting your face or lashes wet for 48 hours after application
    • Do not touch them unnecessarily or rub your eyes
    • Clean the extensions gently
    • Avoid eyelash curlers
    • Get them filled regularly
    • Do not remove them yourself (either let them fall out or seek professional help)

    At your consultation and following application, your master esthetician will provide instructions on the best way to care for your eyelash extensions. Thus, promoting their longevity and the health of your natural lashes.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do Lash Extensions Ruin Your Eyelashes?

    Not if done correctly. Eyelash extensions are placed based on the length and strength of your natural lashes. Therefore, longer extensions are not placed on the outside corners of the eye. This is because these lashes are often shorter and weaker. This also tends to not look as natural. Additionally, avoid cluster lashes that are too heavy and can cause natural lashes to break.

    Finally, it is important to go to a professional provider with experience in lash extensions. Our master estheticians have trained extensively in medical and beautification procedures of the skin and lashes. This allows them to provide the best possible lash extensions while prioritizing your safety.

    Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It?

    It depends on your preferences and lifestyle. Those who want more prominent lashes and do not mind having to potentially modify their skincare and makeup routines may find lash extensions worth it. For those who may only want a temporary look and do not want to commit to the in-filling, a lash lift with tint may provide the best option. 

    In some cases, someone may not have long enough lashes for a lash lift. Extensions or other more permanent surgical solutions often become the only solutions. People tend to prefer extensions first since they are painless and can be removed at any time. They will eventually fall out in time with your lash growth cycle.

    Can You Swim With Lash Extensions?

    Yes, but wait for at least a day or two after your appointment to go swimming. Getting the lashes wet too soon can cause them to fall out, or sometimes even damage your natural ones. After about 48 hours, it is generally okay to swim. This may affect the overall longevity of your lashes though and lead to needing in-fills sooner and more often. If you swim only occasionally, this will likely not have a major effect.

    Does It Hurt To Remove Them?

    No, it generally does not hurt to remove them. You may feel some slight tugging when a master esthetician removes your extensions, but it should not hurt. If you do not have them professionally removed, they will fall out on their own over time, which should not cause any pain at all.

    How Often Should You Get New Lashes?

    If you get in-fills regularly, you will likely not have to get a new full set often. The times that may warrant a whole new set are if they all come out for some reason, you want to try a new look, or you let them come out naturally. Otherwise, in-filling negates the need for a whole new set of eyelash extensions often.

    The Best Lash Extensions In Bellevue & Kirkland

    The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is a premier plastic surgery clinic and medical spa located in Lynnwood, Washington. Easily accessible and close to both I-5 and I-405, it serves the Eastside and Seattle areas. Supervised by plastic surgeons and with staff trained in both medical and beauty specialties, The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery provides the best lash extensions Bellevue and Kirkland offer.

    The master estheticians at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery are among the most experienced and qualified lash experts. Trained in medical grade skincare and traditional esthetics they perform a variety of services and treatments including laser hair removal, RF microneedling, chemical peels, and lash and brow services. They create customized treatment plans based on your goals and needs.

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