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Aging and weight loss are two of the most common factors contributing to upper arm sagging. This can get in the way of daily life and may make you self-conscious about revealing your arms during warmer months. Patients in the Greater Seattle area often seek out a brachioplasty–or arm lift–surgery slim the contours of their upper arm. Dr. Craig Jonov at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery offers a modification of a full arm lift called a mini arm lift to patients from the Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland areas.


A mini arm lift is a less invasive cosmetic surgery than a full arm lift. An arm lift procedure removes the extra skin and fat causing the upper arm to sag. In contrast, a Bellevue mini arm lift is performed fully through an incision in the armpit. After removing the source of your sagging, Dr. Jonov will contour and tighten the skin to provide a thinner arm profile.

A mini arm lift is typically performed on patients who only need slight corrections. Those who have more significant sagging and/or fat deposits are typically not the best candidates for a mini arm lift, however, in these cases, a full arm lift may better suit their needs.  

Types Of Arm Sagging: 

The main factor beyond your general health and goals that will determine if a mini arm lift is right for you will depend on the state of your upper arm. Plastic surgeons use a scale to determine the extent of arm sagging which can point to the most appropriate surgical technique. The degrees of arm sagging include types: 

  • I: Only excess skin with little or no excess fat present
  • II: Extra skin and fat both present
  • III: Sagging concentrated mainly to upper third of the arm
  • IV: Sagging present mainly in the lower third of the arm

When it comes to which procedure best fits each type, it will depend on your individual case and desired results. Types I and II can often be treated well with a mini arm lift, while Types III and IV usually need a more extensive procedure. For some patients, even if they could benefit from a full arm lift, they may still desire a mini arm lift if they do not want dramatic results.

Benefits Of A Mini Arm Lift

Some of the benefits you may experience include: 

  • Shorter incision and less scaring potential
  • Shorter recovery times
  • Removal of extra skin and fat
  • Tightening of the skin and upper arm area
  • Slimmer arm contours

Many patients find that they feel more confident showing off their arms after a Kirkland mini arm lift. Clothes often fit and look better and your arms will better match the other proportions of your body. This procedure can also be one of the final steps in a weight loss journey. Large weight loss can leave behind extra skin and stubborn fat deposits that will not go away with diet and exercise, no matter how dedicated or rigorous.  

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    To begin your mini arm lift surgery, Dr. Jonov will make a small incision in the armpit. Through this incision, he will remove fat either through the incision using liposuction. Extra skin is then cut away, with the remaining skin pulled tightened around your supporting musculature to create a thinner, more-flattering arm contour. The entire procedure typically takes one to two hours overall.

    Immediately following your surgery, Dr. Jonov will bandage the incision and may provide you with a compression garment to promote healthy healing and reduce swelling. 


    Your Bellevue mini arm lift–while shorter and less invasive than a full brachioplasty–will require a recovery period. Dr. Jonov may ask you to wear a compression garment under your clothes for the entire duration of your recovery to ensure a good recovery. He will likely prescribe antibiotics and painkillers to help ease post-operative discomfort and prevent infection.

    Like with any surgery, you can expect some side effects for the first week or so following your surgery. Swelling, pain, redness, and bruising are all normal side effects and should subside on their own.

    Normally, patients can return to work within a week or less of their surgery. You may even be able to work from home the next day. Usually, Dr. Jonov will restrict exercise for at least two weeks post-operatively, but the length of time and type of exercises restricted will depend and vary between patients. Attending all of your post-op appointments will ensure that Dr. Jonov can accurately clear you for work and exercise as soon as possible. 

    Otherwise, Dr. Jonov will provide recovery instructions personalized for your procedure and you. Your body and specific aftercare needs are unique to you, therefore, Dr. Jonov will customize his recovery advice to fit you. 

    Expected Results

    Following your mini arm lift in Bellevue, you can expect to see some degree of immediate results. Your arm may be swollen and therefore the full extent of your results will not yet visible. Your skin also needs time to settle into its new position. Most patients see their permanent results between one and two months after surgery.

    A mini arm lift will remove extra skin and fat, but it will not tone your arms. Exercise is required to provide noticeable tone and continue to maintain your results. Gaining weight could compromise your results which is why it is important to have reached your ideal weight range before your procedure.

    How Does It Differ From A Full Arm Lift?

    While the goals of an arm lift and the mini version are essentially the same, the two differ in many ways. The first, most obvious difference is that an arm lift requires a larger incision, usually from the armpit and down the upper arm, the length determined by your specific goals and needs. A mini arm lift incision is concentrated and hidden within the armpit. This often makes the procedure a more attractive option for patients because of the less extensive procedure and scar.

    Please keep in mind that a mini arm lift does not allow Dr. Jonov complete access to the structure of the arm. This means that he can only remove a limited amount of fat and skin during the mini version of the procedure. A mini arm lift does not provide the same dramatic results a traditional arm lift can, but usually ideal candidates for a mini arm lift in Bellevue do not need such results.

    Both surgical options can get rid of extra skin and fat in the upper arm to different degrees. The arm lift procedure that best fits your needs is best determined during a consultation with Dr. Jonov at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery. 


    Every Kirkland mini arm lift is unique to the individual. Price can vary depending on your needs. For the average mini arm lift, the average cost is $8,995. The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery works with outside financing companies like Care Credit and Alphaeon to help make your procedure fit your budget.


    The mini arm lift procedure is a sensitive procedure because of the many vital structures present in the arm. The plastic surgeon you choose should be board-certified and have experience performing arm lift surgeries. 

    Dr. Jonov at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with years of experience performing face, body, and breast surgeries. He will cater your mini arm lift in Seattle to fit your needs and goals, while ensuring your safety.

    During your consultation with Dr. Jonov, he will first want to know your reasons for seeking an arm lift and your specific concerns with your arms. This will help him understand the results you want from your arm lift. Before deciding if a Seattle mini arm lift will suit you, he will want to know your full medical history, including medications and supplements you currently take. Finally, he will conduct a physical examination of your arms to determine if an arm lift will benefit you and is compatible with your overall health and lifestyle. 

    If Dr. Jonov believes the surgery could benefit you and that you are a good candidate, he will help you customize your surgery to account for your health, goals, and lifestyle. Your personalized mini arm lift will be specially-designed to help you see the best result possible. 

    To schedule a free consultation at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, call us at 425-775-3561 or contact us online using the form above.

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