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Dark, sunken eyes are the number one concern among all cosmetic treatment patients. Over 58% of Linwood restylane filler patients feel the circles under their eyes make them look exhausted, while 29% report feelings of embarrassment about their under eyes. Another 19% report feeling that the hollowness of their eyes makes them appear older, and 13% say they make them look sick. Truthfully, everyone wants their eyes to align with who they are. Eyelight restylane fillers are the first FDA-approved fillers for the tear-trough area, which is the area underneath the eyes. Eyelight contains new technology that allows the restylane filler to eliminate dark shadows and fine lines from underneath the eye. It also fills out the undereye, reversing the effects of sunken eyes. The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is excited to offer Restylane Eyelight for all Lynwood patients.

What Causes Dark Sunken Eyes?

There are many causes of dark circles underneath the eyes or hollow eyes. Some patients suffer from orbicularis oculi hypertrophy, which causes the lower eyelid muscle to become overdeveloped. This leads to puffy, dark circles, sometimes called “eyebags.”  Dark, vascular veins can also appear underneath the skin, giving the appearance of shadowed eyes. Bellevue restylane patients can also experience the following: 

  • Hyperpigmentation leading to undereye discoloration 
  • Tear trough hollowness (loss of volume in the under eyes) 
  • Lack of moisture in the skin 
  • Chronic conditions such as insomnia 
  • Loss of bone density due to age or trauma 
  • Aging 
  • Weight fluctuations 
  • Genetics 

For patients struggling with any of these issues or patients who want brighter, youthful eyes, restylane Eyelight Kirkland brings back volume and rejuvenates all eyes.

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    How Does Restylane Eyelight Work?

    Restylane Eyelight Filler in Bellevue uses NASHA technology to provide volume, moisture, and support in areas with decreased water absorption. Factors like age and skin dehydration can lead to a lack of moisture in the tear trough. The skin loses volume and color with a lack of water, leading to tired, hollow appearing eyes. Eyelight fillers supplement the lack of volume in the tear trough, creating full, bright eyes. 

    The NASHA technology uses a firm gel made of hyaluronic acid to support both water retention and provide volume. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to bind water molecules together and naturally occurs in our bodies, commonly found in our joints, skin, and eyes. The loss of this compound can create many issues causing dark eyes, which is why NASHA technology combined hyaluronic acid with a binding agent to allow the fillers to settle underneath the skin for an extended period of time. The longevity and complexity of restylane Bellevue provide bright, full eyes for all patients.   

    Risks of Restylane Fillers 

    The great thing about Eyelight treatment is that very few risks are involved. Most patients experience some swelling and minor bruising for one day after the injections. However, in rare cases, this can last for a week as the restylane fillers adjust and settle in the body. Studies show that less than 1% of patients with Eyelight fillers develop delayed nodules that can appear from restylane treatment. In other rare cases, some patients had an adverse reaction to the treatment and experienced itching and bumps around the injection site. However, the symptoms faded after only a few days. 


    Restylane Eyelight Treatment 

    Restylane Eyelight patients will attend a consultation with the provider at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery before receiving the treatment. This is to ensure the patient is suited for Eyelight and so the provider can understand the unique needs and goals of the patient. Once the provider understands the patient’s needs, the treatment will be administered on the same day. 

    The standard method of restylane filler treatment is administered through injections. However, The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery uses the cannula technique to insert Eyelight fillers. The cannula technique is a blunt tube to move the treatment. The injector will create two microscopic holes in the tear trough and then place the cannula in those holes. From there, the Eyelight filler can be inserted into the undereye. There are a few reasons the cannula technique is better for tear trough Restylane fillers, including: 

    • Eliminates sharp puncture marks 
    • Gentler technique for sensitive areas (like under the eye) 
    • Distributes treatment evenly under the skin 
    • Reduces changes of significant swelling or bruising 

    Only one syringe of treatment is necessary for both tear troughs. The typical dose of restylane Eyelight in Bellevue is 0.5 mL, with 0.25 mL injected into each undereye. 

    Benefits of Eyelight Restylane 

    Patients benefit from Eyelight treatment for various reasons. All patients are unique and have different issues causing the tear trough to appear worn and sunken. Some incredible benefits of restylane Eyelight Bellevue include the following: 

    • Creates volume in the tear trough 
    • Eliminates harsh lines or wrinkles 
    • Diminishes “eyebags” and dark circles 
    • Smoothes undereye skin 
    • Brightens dull, uneven skin 
    • Reverses discoloration 
    • Quick, minimally invasive treatment 
    • Very little downtime after treatment
    • Long-lasting results 
    • Performed by the top Restylane Lynwood providers 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Does Eyelight Restylane Bellevue Cost? 

    Eyelight fillers cost $900 for the entire treatment process. The results are exceptionally long-lasting, and patience can wait to schedule another treatment when the effects begin to fade. It’s important to note that the fillers fade over time and not overnight.

    How Long Does Restylane Eyelight Last?

    Restylane Eyelight Bellevue results can last up to eighteen months. This mainly depends on the patient’s metabolism, but most patients report the fillers lasting well over a year. The providers recommend scheduling a maintenance treatment after the first year, but many patients wait until they begin to see the results fade. 

    Can I Get My Eyelight Fillers Removed? 

    If patients have the rare occurrence of complications or not liking their results, the injectors at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery can dissolve the restylane fillers. A product called  Hyaluronidase contains enzymes that break down hyaluronic acid and dissolve them in the body. Since hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the human body, this is entirely safe for all Bellevue patients. 

    How Long Does It Take To See My Restylane Eyelight Results?

    Results from Restylane Eyelight Bellevue are immediate, and patients will see results the same day as their treatment. However, the filler takes a day to settle, and patients may experience swelling during this time. It’s common for Eyelight to need a week to settle entirely, and in rare cases, swelling may continue until the restylane filler has adjusted to the skin. After the swelling fades, results will be visible and can last for over a year.  

    The Best Restylane Eyelight in Bellevue 

    At The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, the staff and doctors work to provide the best treatments and options for all Bellevue patients. Dr. Jonov leads his team with decades of experience and knowledge of all surgical and non-surgical procedures. Patients can expect the highest quality of treatment, the most innovative technology, and leading techniques every time they visit The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery. For those struggling with sunken, dark eyes, Restylane Eyelight Bellevue can eliminate dark eye circles and rejuvenate your beautiful eyes.  

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