Tear Trough Filler Prices

$900 Per Syringe

Procedure Time: 30 Min

Recovery Time: None


The eyes are one of the most important functional and aesthetic parts of our face. They contribute to our social interactions and expressing emotions. For some people, dark circles under the eyes, permanent bags, or a generally hollowed appearance can make them look perpetually tired and aged beyond their years. There are many ways to correct this, including surgical and non-surgical options. One of the most popular ways to fill in the tear troughs–or under eyes–include dermal filler injections. While this is a temporary solution, dermal fillers come with less risk than a surgical procedure and are suitable for a wider range of people. The providers at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery offer tear trough filler to the Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland areas.


Tear trough fillers are dermal fillers that a qualified provider injects under the eyes to create a fuller look. This can lead to looking more well rested and drawing more attention to the eyes. 

Dermal fillers–usually made of hyaluronic acid–are commonly used to fill in the face and add volume to various structures like the lips, jaw, and cheeks. They are safe and non-invasive way to fill in the tear troughs and correct many issues and abnormalities. 

Most of the time, dark under eye circles or bags not caused by lack of sleep or other factors have a genetic cause. However, it is possible to develop permanent under eye bags due to aging, chronic allergies, sun damage, or medical conditions. Stubborn under eye circles that do not go away with a good night’s sleep or home remedies typically have an external cause and will not go away on their own.

For patients with more dramatic under eye issues, a surgical solution like a fat transfer can provide better and more permanent results. However, for most people, this procedure is not necessary or warranted to provide meaningful correction.

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    You will see some immediate differences in the appearance of your tear troughs. However, the filler will take time to settle, so your final results will set in within a few weeks. Restylane-L can last around 6 months before you need another treatment meaning that you should only need around two treatments a year to maintain your results.

    Bellevue Under Eye Filler Options:

    At The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, we offer many hyaluronic acid filler options for filling in the tear trough area. Our providers tend to recommend Restylane-L because it offers natural results and is malleable enough during the procedure that your provider can manipulate it for optimal results. 

    Restylane-L is a hyaluronic acid filler that is used as a filler for many areas of the face. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the body, which means that fillers made from the acid have a low rejection rate and do not require an allergy test beforehand. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane can provide natural looking results in less than 20 minutes.

    Other than hyaluronic acid fillers, our providers offer plasma injections for tear troughs. Plasma is a substance derived from your own blood. This means that the procedure is slightly more invasive because it involves a blood draw, but because plasma comes from your own body, there is no risk of rejection. 

    Plasma works by stimulating collagen production wherever it is injected. When you choose plasma for tear troughs, the injections stimulate your body to create new collagen in the area, which can provide long lasting results. With continued treatment, it is likely you will see the overall appearance and condition of your tear troughs improve.

    Regardless of the type of filler you choose for your under eyes, our expert injectors will customize your tear trough injections to fit you, your goals, and your face. We provide the best under eye filler Bellevue offers.

    A Before photo of Tear Trough Filler Injections in Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland


    An After photo of Tear Trough Filler in Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland



    An under eye filler appointment will begin with a review of what you want to achieve with your filler injections. Your provider will often use a thin cannula to inject the filler because it provides more even and better looking results. Before this, your provider will offer to use a topical anesthetic to make your injections more comfortable. While this is not required, it can help you feel more at ease during treatment. If you choose to use an anesthetic, they will gently apply it and allow it to take effect before proceeding. 

    To get ready for the cannula insertion, your provider will make a tiny hole in the area. They will then carefully insert the cannula and inject the filler. This should only take a few seconds, and you should feel little discomfort. After enough filler is injected, your provider may gently manipulate the filler to help it settle into place and work out any uneven areas.

    Once finished, they will examine your under eye filler from various angles to ensure a flattering appearance. This is important because filler can look different at varying angles. This also allows you and your provider to check that your under eye filler meets your needs.  

    Filler Providers:

    At The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, we offer tear trough injections with Dr. Craig Jonov and nurse injectors. Nurse injectors handle the majority of our filler appointments because of their increased availability and lower cost options. Our nurse injectors train in office and learn their techniques through hands-on experience and observation. This makes them some of the most knowledgeable nurse injectors in the Greater Seattle area.

    Dr. Craig Jonov also offers under eye filler injections. He is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with over two decades of experience in Bellevue tear trough filler injections. Dr. Jonov is known for his natural looking results and state-of-the-art technique. 

    All the providers at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery offer great results and can answer your questions about under eye filler in Bellevue during a consultation.


    Tear trough injections cost $900 with a nurse injector to $1,500 with Dr. Jonov. The price can vary depending on the filler option you choose and your specific needs. Your provider can inform you of a more accurate price during your consultation at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery. 

    We work with financing companies like Care Credit and Alphaeon to help you finance your tear trough injections. You can find more information about these options and apply through our financing page.


    Healthy people are usually possible candidates for under eye filler in Kirkland. As a non-invasive procedure, tear trough filler carries little risk, but for those with certain conditions filler may not be right for them. We do not usually recommend tear trough filler injections to patients who: 

    • Are under 18 or over 65
    • Have an allergy to any of the ingredients in their chosen filler
    • Have had an adverse reaction to filler in the past
    • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
    • Have a major medical illness

    Discussing your medical history with your provider will help them decide if you are a candidate for under eye filler. Illnessesses do not automatically disqualify you from injectable treatments, but they may increase the risk or occurrence of side effects.

    Side Effects

    Reported side effects may include: tenderness, pain, redness, and bruising. Usually, these side effects go away on their own and should not disrupt your life. If you take blood thinners or similar medications, this can increase or worsen the bruising.


    During a consultation with a provider at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, your provider will begin by getting a good idea of your goals and what you want from your treatment. They will ask you why you are seeking under eye filler and what look you desire from them. After this, they will inquire about your medical history to better understand your needs and if under eye filler in Kirkland can help you. Finally, before determining if your are a viable candidate, they will examine your face and tear trough area. 

    If they decide you are a good candidate, they will review the tear trough filler options with you and help you determine which one will give you the results you want. Usually, after your consultation, your provider can commence treatment. 

    The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery offers expertly injected under eye filler in Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland. Our injectors have the experience and expertise necessary to safely and effectively administer your filler injections. 

    Dr. Jonov has over a decade of experience performing facial filler injections. He has passed this knowledge onto our nurse injectors, creating one of the most experienced and talented injecting teams in the Seattle area.

    To schedule a consultation with one of the providers at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, call us at 425-775-3561 or contact us using the form above.