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Female to male top surgery, also called chest reconstruction, is a gender affirming surgery for individuals who want a male chest. The procedure removes the breasts and creates a masculine contour that complements each individual patient’s anatomy and body type. Dr. Craig Jonov of The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is an accomplished plastic surgeon who performs the best FTM top surgery Bellevue, Kirkland, and Lynnwood have to offer. 


As explained above, FTM top surgery is a surgery that removes the breasts to create a masculine contour to the chest. It is most often part of a transgender transition from female to male. However, many non-binary people and those of other gender identities can benefit from a chest reconstruction surgery. 

The breasts can cause large amounts of insecurity and gender dysphoria in transmen. For patients who experience this or who desire a physical transition, FTM top surgery can greatly improve their quality of life. 

Generally, the procedure removes the extra skin, fat, gland, and muscles in the breasts. Typically, the nipples are also removed and reattached later during the surgical process. Depending on your anatomy and needs, some of the mammary fat and gland may be left to garner the best result. 

Benefits Of Chest Reconstruction

Along with lessening gender dysphoria, FTM top surgery carries many benefits for transmasculine people including:

  • Ability to wear masculine clothing without a binder
  • Improved self esteem
  • Outward appearance matches gender identity
  • Alleviation of some health conditions caused by the breasts (especially overly large breasts)
  • May benefit certain psychological conditions like depression if linked to gender dysphoria or physical appearance
  • Customizable procedure 
  • Does not require much surgical time in most cases
  • Patients usually experience a relatively easy recovery and return to work in about a week


Dr. Craig Jonov and The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery does work with many insurance companies for transgender surgeries. We have staff dedicated to working with your insurance and working to get your FTM top surgery covered when possible.

Types Of FTM Top Surgery Bellevue

There are many FTM top surgery techniques that Bellevue plastic surgeons like Dr. Jonov may use. The surgical methods vary based on the location and size of the incisions, although all have the same goal. Not every FTM top surgery patient is a good fit for every technique. Dr. Jonov can determine which method will best fit your body type and goals after a consultation.

Double Incision:

A double incision chest reconstruction uses two incisions on each side of the chest to remove breast tissue. This is the most common technique used for FTM top surgery. Most patients are a candidate for the double incision method. It is often preferred because it removes the most tissue and can provide good results on every body type.

Many patients worry about the FTM top surgery scars seen with this technique. While some scarring is inevitable, Dr. Jonov minimizes the incision as much as possible. He also uses the best surgical techniques that promote good scar healing.


The keyhole chest reconstruction technique is similar to a minimal gynecomastia surgery. Candidates for a keyhole incision FTM top surgery typically have an A cup and little breast tissue. 

The surgery utilizes liposuction and a small incision. Due to the limited incision, the keyhole FTM top surgery method does not allow for massive masculinization of the chest. However, the absence of extremely noticeable scarring makes it an often sought after procedure.


Like keyhole top surgery, the periareolar surgical method works best for patients with a smaller amount of breast tissue. It reduces the size of the areolas while also removing the breast tissue. It is a minimally invasive technique that makes the size of the areolas smaller to match your new chest.

Which Method Is Right For You?

In most cases, Dr. Jonov will recommend the double incision top surgery technique because it offers the best results. For certain patients with specific body types and anatomy, the keyhole or periareolar methods may meet their expectations and goals. 

At a consultation, Dr. Jonov will discuss the various options for Bellevue FTM top surgery. If you have a smaller chest, you may be a good candidate for the keyhole or periareolar surgical technique.


The journey to seeking out and undergoing FTM top surgery in Bellevue can be an emotional one. Dr. Craig Jonov and The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery aim to create a welcoming and accepting environment. The first step to FTM top surgery is a consultation with Dr. Jonov.


At a consultation with Dr. Jonov, you will come to our office and to fill out any necessary paperwork. Often, paperwork can be assigned and filled out virtually before your appointment to make the check in process easier and quicker. Dr. Jonov also offers virtual consultations over FaceTime and Skype.

Dr. Jonov will then want to understand your medical history and goals for the procedure. Following an in-depth conversation, Dr. Jonov will perform a physical exam. He will examine the chest wall and breast tissue to determine the ideal method for your FTM top surgery Bellevue. 

After making a recommendation for surgical technique and explaining the expected results, you will receive a customized price quote and can often schedule surgery the same day.


The day of your FTM top surgery in Bellevue you will come to The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery. After checking in, our team will take your vitals and prepare you for surgery. Dr. Jonov will then come in to make preoperative markings. Once finished, a licensed anesthesia provider will place you under general anesthesia. 

Dr. Jonov will then begin your FTM top surgery. Each technique varies with incision placement and size. Double incision chest reconstruction is the most common method performed. During this procedure, Dr. Jonov will make two incisions on each side of the chest. Utilizing these incisions, he will remove excess skin, breast tissue, glands, and the nipples. Depending on your anatomy and goals, Dr. Jonov may also use liposuction during the surgery.

Once Dr. Jonov removes the adequate amount of tissue and achieves the desired masculine contour, he will reattach the nipples (if desired) and close the incisions. 

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    After Surgery

    When you wake up from the procedure, you will likely feel groggy and tired. You should notice an immediate difference in the look of your chest. Following a brief period of monitoring, Dr. Jonov and The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery team will release you to your caregiver.

    It is important to have a trusted individual to drive you home and look after you for 24 hours following surgery. This prevents complications and makes your recovery more comfortable. If your surgery involved the placement of nipples, bolsters will cover them to promote good healing of the area. 


    FTM top surgery patients typically experience a quick and comfortable recovery. Normally, patients require a week or less off work and many do not take the prescribed pain medications. Every Kirkland FTM top surgery is different and each patient will have their own healing process.

    Generally, patients can expect to be back to most of their normal activities in about two weeks. Dr. Jonov will provide antibiotics and pain medication to reduce the risk of infection and ease your recovery. 

    Bolsters usually come off at your one week post-operative appointment. At this point you can see your new male chest come together. Over the coming months, your skin and tissues will settle into their final positions. This takes time and Dr. Jonov will continue to see you as results settle in over the course of a year.

    Side Effects:

    At the beginning of the recovery process, you may experience some side effects. These are normal and should resolve on their own in two weeks with the proper aftercare. Some side effects you may experience can include:

    • Swelling
    • Bruising
    • Redness
    • Discomfort
    • Pain
    • Itchiness

    Following Dr. Jonov’s post surgery instructions and taking the prescribed medications can contribute to the lessening of these side effects.

    Possible Risks:

    Every surgical procedure comes with some risk. A FTM top surgery in Kirkland is a routine surgery considered low risk for most individuals. At your consultation, Dr. Jonov will explain the risks of surgery and evaluate any elevated or added individual risks. The basic risks of transgender chest reconstruction surgery include:

    • Infection
    • Necrosis (skin death)
    • Unsatisfactory result
    • Keloid or hypertrophic scars
    • Side effects or complications related to general anesthesia
    • Nipple death
    • Loss of nipple sensation


    The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery offers premier transgender top surgery procedures. Every FTM top surgery is customized especially to your anatomy and goals. Each patient has varying goals and expectations. Some patients want a masculine look, while others want a flat chest without looking masculine. While most patients opt for nipples, many non-binary patients choose not to have nipples following surgery.

    Dr. Craig Jonov is an accomplished plastic surgeon who has extensive experience working with transgender patients. He also performs other transgender surgeries like facial feminization. His surgical expertise stretches back two decades and he constantly strives to improve to meet patient standards.

    To schedule a consultation at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, call us at 425-775-3561 or contact us online via the form on this page, chat, or text.