Panniculectomy, Bellevue 

If you’ve undergone massive weight loss or experienced the joy of having children, then you are probably familiar with the challenges these incredible changes can bring. While life-changing events can bring outstanding benefits, they can also create cosmetic and physical challenges, especially in the lower abdomen. A pannus can develop from pregnancy or weight loss when leftover skin hangs over the genitals. When this occurs, the lower abdomen looks more like an apron and can cause cosmetic, hygiene, and physical issues.   

Developing a pannus can be disheartening and genuinely affect your life. Especially after a drastic positive change like weight loss, developing excess skin can hinder your happiness or joy from hard work. At The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, our outstanding providers go above and beyond to provide the best panniculectomy surgery to alleviate the challenges in the lower abdomen. 

What Is Panniculectomy Surgery?

Panniculectomy is a skin removal surgery focused on the lower abdomen and the flap of skin known as the pannus. The pannus is an over-developed flap of skin that can hang around the lower abdomen and even over the genitalia. A panniculectomy removes the skin from the lower abdomen, creating a flat, beautiful shape in the lower stomach.

How Is It Different From A Tummy Tuck?  

You may look at the explanation of a panniculectomy and think it sounds familiar to a tummy tuck. While this surgery can sound similar, these surgeries are intended for entirely different circumstances. While a tummy tuck focuses on the cosmetic issues of the abdomen, a panniculectomy helps alleviate physical challenges and only focuses on a particular area. 

A tummy tuck can include liposuction or various techniques depending on the type of surgery you need. A panniculectomy creates necessary changes in the lower abdomen and alleviates physical symptoms and irritations. It solely focuses on the overhanging flap of skin and does not tighten the abdominal muscles. It’s better for patients with significant weight loss and excess skin removal in the lower abdominal region.

Panniculectomy Benefits & Risks


There are many benefits that you can experience from a panniculectomy Bellevue. A panniculectomy can help patients achieve their ideal shape and enjoy the results of their hard work. Additionally, it can help alleviate many issues and provide benefits such as: 

  • Chronic skin or yeast infections underneath the pannus 
  • Skin irritation due to overhanging tissue 
  • Alleviates lower back pain  
  • Can provide a slimmer aesthetic appearance 
  • Removes the apron-like pouch or the pannus 
  • Creates a flatter lower stomach 
  • Provides a more comfortable clothing experience 
  • Fast recovery time 
  • Performed by the leading panniculectomy providers in Bellevue 

These are just certain benefits you can receive from undergoing this procedure. At The Gallery Of Cosmetic Surgery, our providers work to create a newfound sense of self and satisfaction in your hard work. 


There are certain risks to be expected when you undergo any kind of surgery, and panniculectomy is no different. However, when you find the right cosmetic surgeon, the risks of a panniculectomy procedure can be significantly reduced. Some risks may include: 

  • Infection 
  • Loss of skin or skin necrosis 
  • Bleeding during surgery 
  • Swelling 
  • Significant scarring 
  • Build-up of fluid 
  • Negative reaction to the anesthesia 

Am I A Candidate For Panniculectomy? 

Panniculectomy Bellevue is intended for patients who have a major amount of skin around the lower abdomen and want to eliminate the daily struggles this can bring. Candidates for a panniculectomy include: 

  • Difficulty with skin infections underneath or between the folds of excess skin 
  • Difficulty with constant skin irritation around the pannus 
  • Difficulty with lower back pain due to a large amount of lower abdominal skin 
  • Trouble fitting into tight clothing 
  • Insecurity around excess overhanging skin in the lower abdomen 
  • Skin that hangs over the genitalia 
  • Mobility issues due to excess skin 
  • Overhanging abdominal skin that doesn’t respond to diet or exercise 

A panniculectomy Bellevue can help you overcome these challenges by creating a flat, contoured abdominal region. 

How To Prepare  

The best way to prepare for a panniculectomy surgery is to attend a consultation at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery. Our providers work to create incredible solutions for you and provide an in-depth guide on what to expect. During this consultation, they will first ensure you are a proper candidate for the surgery. Next, they may give you a list of preparation instructions, including: 

  • Cease certain medications a week two before surgery 
  • Stop smoking for at least four weeks before the procedure 
  • Have a loved one drive you to and from the procedure 
  • Prepare to take off work and rest for at least a week 
  • Prepare to have someone help you with daily tasks

The expert providers at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery can provide a more in-depth list of instructions during a consultation. 

Panniculectomy Process 

During a panniculectomy, Bellevue, You will be placed under general anesthesia before the surgery begins to ensure a smooth and safe process. The expert provider will make an incision that mimics the one found in a tummy tuck that can be hidden below the bikini area. The entire surgery can last for two hours or longer, depending on how much skin needs to be removed. After surgery, you will be held for a few hours to ensure safety, but once you are cleared, you will be released to return home with a loved one. 

Panniculectomy Bellevue Recovery 

The recovery process for a Panniculectomy depends on how much skin was removed and how in-depth the procedure was. However, for many patients, it can be a quicker recovery that helps patients achieve their goals. Some recovery instructions may include:

  • Take all medication prescribed to ensure the best rest 
  • Take at least one to two weeks off of work 
  • Avoid any exercise or physical activity until cleared by your provider 
  • Do not smoke for at least two months or until cleared 
  • Rest in an upright position 
  • Do not strain the incision site 

The Top Panniculectomy Surgeon In Bellevue, Washington 

At The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Craig Jonov leads his team with expertise and a sense of stunning brilliance. He genuinely cares for every patient and goes above and beyond to provide the leading panniculectomy in Bellevue. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Many Sizes Do You Lose With A Panniculectomy?  

You can lose significant size when you undergo a panniculectomy. How many sizes you lose depends on how much skin needs removal. Some patients can lose a significant amount of size with a panniculectomy. 

Is Panniculectomy A High-Risk Surgery? 

In certain cases, a panniculectomy can be high risk due to the time it takes to remove large amounts of skin. However, when you find the right cosmetic surgeon, you reduce the risk. The right provider will ensure that you are safe to undergo the procedure. 

How Much Does A Panniculectomy Cost In Bellevue? 

A panniculectomy costs Bellevue, depending on the surgeon and clinic you go to and how much skin needs to be removed. However, the average cost of a panniculectomy ranges from $8,500 to $15,000 depending.  

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