Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck


Procedure Time: 3-5 Hrs

Recovery Time: 2-3 Weeks


Weight loss is generally good for the body and overall health. However, people who lose large amounts of weight, such as patients who previously underwent a bariatric surgery, can be left with extra, sagging skin. This loose skin can make them look heavier than they actually are and contribute to wearing larger clothing, despite weight loss. A tummy tuck is one of the most frequently performed procedures in this situation. For patients who have a lot of extra skin on the upper and lower abdomen, a fleur de lis tummy tuck may provide the best results. Dr. Craig Jonov at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery performs the best fleur de lis tummy tuck Bellevue and Kirkland offers.


A fleur de lis tummy tuck uses a traditional horizontal tummy tuck incision along with a vertical incision up the abdomen. Occasionally, a reverse tummy tuck incision under the breasts or chest may also be performed, though this is relatively rare and unnecessary in most situations.

Compared to an extended tummy tuck, the fleur de lis technique also removes large amounts of extra skin. However, it focuses more on the skin of the lower, middle, and upper abdomen instead of the flanks and back like an extended abdominoplasty. This more advanced tummy tuck technique also allows Dr. Jonov more room to repair diastasis recti.

Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck Before & After

A Before and After photo of a Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery by Dr. Craig Jonov in Bellevue, Kirkland, and Lynnwood.


The fleur de lis incision has had many uses throughout the history of surgery. Twentieth century surgeons began using the fleur de lis incision for the correction of a cleft lip. It then went on to have wide usage within plastic and reconstructive surgeries, including abdominoplasty, breast surgery, and various other surgical procedures. 

In the 1980s, plastic surgeons started to use the fleur de lis incision during tummy tucks. They found that for patients who underwent massive weight loss, especially those who lost weight due to bariatric surgery, the procedure minimized scarring while maximizing skin and tissue removal.

The traditional tummy tuck technique is still the most popular and widely performed tummy tuck technique. However, the fleur de lis tummy tuck has grown in popularity as more people lose weight and seek out skin removal surgeries. Fleur de lis tummy tucks also require the patient to be okay with a vertical scar and to have the anatomy suitable for the procedure.


For patients who are good candidates for a fleur de lis tummy tuck, the procedure offers many benefits. Considering these patients have often achieved a major accomplishment with their weight loss, leftover extra skin can be an extremely frustrating experience. This often is enough for patients who want to reveal their true body contours. Among the other benefits and advantages of a fleur de lis tummy tuck include:

  • Removal of extra skin and tissue
  • Tightening of abdominal skin
  • Correction of separated abdominal muscles
  • Improved waistline and hip-to-waist ratio
  • Flatter tummy
  • Corrects abdomen on both horizontal and vertical planes
  • Go down multiple sizes (the average is around two to four sizes)
  • Often offers dramatic results
  • May make exercising easier
  • Incisions usually heal well and treatable with Scar Protocol
  • Performed as an outpatient procedure
  • Customizable procedure
  • Recovery time comparable to that of a standard tummy tuck
  • May offer some health benefits such as hernia repair, treatment of incontinence issues, and relief from back pain
  • Often used for tummy tuck revision


One of the most frequently asked questions about fleur de lis abdominoplasties is, “How does it compare to a regular tummy tuck?” Other than the obvious difference in the vertical incision, the two have other differences and many similarities. Sometimes a patient may see great results from both procedures, making it difficult to choose the one that best suits them. The table below details some of the notable distinctions between a fleur de lis tummy tuck versus a regular tummy tuck.

Fleur De LisTraditional
  • Vertical and horizontal incision
  • Abdomen often wider at the hips
  • Common after bariatric surgery
  • May or may not reposition the belly button
  • Provides more correction to the waist
  • Arguably the most dramatic results of any type of tummy tuck
  • Less commonly performed
  • More advanced procedure
  • Horizontal incision only
  • Extra skin may extend to flanks
  • Common after weight loss
  • Repositioning the belly button generally standard
  • Some correction to the waist
  • Most frequently performed tummy tuck surgery
  • Incision hides easily beneath clothing and most undergarments
  • Shorter surgical time

As far as the similarities between the two procedures, a fleur de lis and traditional tummy tuck tend to have around the same recovery period and instructions. While this will vary between patients, both procedures tend to necessitate two to three weeks off work. 

Both types of tummy tuck–while using slightly different methods–remove extra skin, fat, and tissue. Overall, the two procedures have similar aims: to provide a tighter, slimmer, and flatter abdomen.

The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery was such an amazing experience!! All staff members were so sweet and helpful! Dr. Jonov is a great surgeon and recommend him to anyone! I am SO HAPPY with my results, and recovery has been great! Such an easy and fun experience!


Dr. Jonov and the staff at the Gallery were so helpful and supportive. I felt comfortable from start to end, and I love the results!




The first step to obtaining the tummy of your dreams is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Craig Jonov at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery. During a consultation, Dr. Jonov will determine if you are a good candidate for a Bellevue fleur de lis tummy tuck surgery. 

Firstly, Dr. Jonov will ask about your goals for surgery and concerns with your body. He will want to understand what you want to achieve so that he can recommend the best procedure to achieve those goals. Next, he will review your medical history and lifestyle. Finally, he will perform a brief physical exam of the abdomen.

At this point, Dr. Jonov can conclude if you are a good candidate for a fleur de lis tummy tuck. If you are, he will describe the procedure in detail and the expected results. If you are not a good candidate, he will recommend another course of action which may include other procedures like a traditional tummy tuck, body lift, or even lifestyle modification.

Before the end of the appointment, you will receive a customized price quote for your procedure. With this, you can also review our outside financing options and apply for them. Your price quote remains valid for 90 days and you can schedule surgery at any time following your consultation (assuming Dr. Jonov assessed that you were a good candidate and fit for surgery).


Preparing for fleur de lis tummy tuck surgery typically begins a few months before surgery. Although, most major modifications only occur within the week or so leading up to your fleur de lis tummy tuck in Bellevue. Some of the ways Dr. Jonov may advise you to prepare for surgery include:

  • Procure financing
  • Make arrangements for time off work, childcare, a ride to and from surgery, and lodging if necessary
  • Obtain any necessary medical clearances
  • Stop taking any medications or supplements upon Dr. Jonov’s instruction
  • Quit smoking
  • Arrange for someone to take care of you for at least 24 hours after surgery
  • Fill prescriptions
  • Stock up on groceries and supplies before surgery
  • Purchase anything needed for recovery (compression garment, over-the-counter medications, Scar Protocol, etc.)
  • Eat well and exercise leading up to the procedure
  • Do not eat or drink anything for several hours the night before (or day of) surgery

About three weeks before your fleur de lis surgery, you will attend a pre-operative appointment. At this appointment, you will review the surgical plan and be given instructions on how to prepare for surgery. Based on a patient’s individual medical needs, some instructions can vary.


On the day of your fleur de lis tummy tuck surgery, you will first meet with the surgical team. They will take your vitals and run tests to ensure you are fit for surgery. During this time, you will also get changed into a surgical gown. Immediately before surgery, you will meet with Dr. Jonov where he will review the procedure with you and make surgical markings.

A licensed anesthesia provider will then place you under general anesthesia and continue to monitor you throughout the surgery. Dr. Jonov will then make the fleur de lis incision. Usually starting with the horizontal incision, this follows the traditional tummy tuck incision from hip to hip just below the pubic bone. 

Dr. Jonov will then make the vertical incision up the abdomen. The length of the vertical incision depends on the extent of your extra skin. Some may only reach just above the belly button while others may reach nearly to the chest. Dr. Jonov will discuss this with you before surgery.

Through these two incisions, Dr. Jonov will remove extra skin, fat, and tissue. He will also perform muscle plication on any abdominal muscles that have separated. This involves tightening the muscles and stitching them back together. To finish the procedure, Dr. Jonov will pull the remaining skin tight against the new contours of your abdomen and stitch the incisions.


Immediately after surgery, it is likely that you will notice that your abdomen and waist look smaller and flatter. You should not feel too much pain during this time since some local anesthesia is likely still in effect. After a short monitoring period in the office, you will be released to your caregiver the same day as the procedure to begin your recovery. 

Your caregiver will need to stay with you for the entire first 24 hours of your recovery since you will likely still feel groggy and need help. This period is also when complications are most likely to occur, though complications overall are rare. You may notice swelling, bruising, redness, and pain settle in over the next few days. Dr. Jonov will prescribe medications to ease the pain, make you more comfortable, and prevent infection. 

Most fleur de lis tummy tuck patients require about two to three weeks off work. This is about the same amount of time as a standard tummy tuck. While Dr. Jonov does encourage patients to get up and walk carefully a few times a day as they are able, no strenuous exercise or more than necessary walking should occur for about six weeks. Dr. Jonov will clear you for work and exercise as he monitors your healing process during post-operative appointments.


How Long Is A Fleur De Lis Surgery?

A fleur de lis tummy tuck is usually anywhere between three and six hours based on the extent and specifics of the procedure. It typically involves more surgical time than a standard tummy tuck.

What Is The Best Way To Treat Fleur De Lis Scars?

Scar Protocol is a scar cream system formulated specifically to treat surgical scars. Considering a fleur de lis abdominoplasty consists of a more visible vertical scar, patients understandably want to minimize the look of the scar as much as possible. Scar Protocol allows patients to be proactive about their scar care and use a safe, clinically tested scar cream kit.

How Many Sizes Do You Lose With A Tummy Tuck?

On average, patients go down about two to four pants or dress sizes. Some may see themselves go down even more. The reason this happens is because a tummy tuck removes extra skin that affects the body’s contours. When removed, the body’s true contours are revealed, which is often much smaller than their body when they carried the extra skin.

Unlike many believe, patients do not tend to lose large amounts of weight with a tummy tuck. It simply removes extra skin and tissue with some small fat removal. Generally, a tummy tuck–including a fleur de lis tuck–has a larger effect on the body’s measurements than weight.

Is A Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck Safe?

Yes, a fleur de lis tummy tuck is largely considered safe. In fact, the fleur de lis incision is considered a safe and effective technique for many types of cosmetic surgery. Additionally, a fleur de lis carries little more risk than a traditional tummy tuck. Dr. Jonov will discuss the risks with you and the safety of the procedure based on your unique medical history.

How Much Is A Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck?

The cost of a fleur de lis tummy tuck in Kirkland varies based on the specifics of your procedure. It is best to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jonov where he can better examine you and your needs to provide an accurate, personalized price quote. You can find more information about our pricing using our Price Simulator™ app and price list.


Dr. Craig Jonov of The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is an experienced and talented cosmetic surgeon. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Jonov specializes in body plastic surgeries, including fleur de lis tummy tucks. He has performed countless tummy tuck surgeries using varying techniques. Dr. Jonov offers the best fleur de lis tummy tuck Bellevue and Kirkland can provide.

The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is a premier plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic. Featuring a JCAHO certified facility, The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is one of the top destinations for tummy tuck surgery in the Pacific Northwest. Located in Lynnwood, WA, The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is centrally located and easily accessible from I-5.

To schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also reach out to us online via Price Simulator™, chat, and contact form.

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