Botulinum toxin injections—or Botox—have many uses, including medical and cosmetic applications. Most people are familiar with the most common cosmetic treatments using Botox which mostly consists of facial injections to smooth out wrinkles. The most common treatment areas are the forehead, brows, and the corners of the eyes. Some people may even be familiar with some of the medical uses of Botox such as treating excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and chronic migraines. The more niche uses of Botox can sometimes raise eyebrows (or not, if treated with Botox), and none other than “Scrotox” or “scrotum Botox” tends to be among the most surprising. The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery offers the best scrotum Botox Bellevue and Kirkland can provide.

What Is “Scrotox”?

Scrotox—as previously mentioned—stands for scrotum Botox. This involves injecting Botox into the skin of the scrotum. It is one of the newer Botox treatments available and is an off-label use. Unlike many other Botox injections, scrotum Botox can be performed for a wide variety of reasons. It may be part of a larger treatment plan for certain medical conditions or completely cosmetic.

Reasons To Get Scrotum Botox

When physicans began performing scrotox, it was primarily for medical reasons. The first medical treatment was for treating scrotal pain and inflammation which was not helped through other treatments or surgery. Other possible medical treatments scrotum Botox may be used for include:

  • Make the scrotum look smoother
  • Allow the scrotum to hang lower or looser
  • Make the testicles look larger
  • Contribute to more pleasureable sex
  • Make the scrotum sweat less

These uses of scrotox have not yet been adequately studied, but anecdotal evidence has shown some possible benefit. The treatment also appears to have few, if any, negative effects. Therefore, it is allowed and considered safe as an off-label use of Botox.

Outside of the purported medical benefits, scrotum Botox has possible cosmetic benefits that many people seek out. Some of the cosmetic uses of scrotal Botox may include:

  • Treat wrinkles or a wrinkled testicular appearance
  • Make the scrotum look bigger
  • Help the testicles hang lower

Men unhappy with or concerned about the appearance of their scrotum and who may feel insecure about it during sex or when wearing form fitting clothing may consider cosmetic scrotox treatment.

Benefits & Risks

Like all Botox treatments, scrotal Botox comes with benefits and risks that patients need to weigh with their provider before undergoing the injections. For most people, there are few risks, but it is important to fully understand the procedure and potential risks.

The benefits of scrotum Botox may include:

  • Wrinkles become less noticeable
  • Less sweating
  • Increases sensitivity for more sexual pleasure
  • Can help treat some scrotum pain and inflammation
  • Scrotum may look bigger
  • Allows the scrotum to hang slightly lower
  • Enhances sex life
  • Quick, non-surgical treatment
  • Little to no pain during or after treatment
  • Few risks
  • Minimal side effects
  • Increase confidence

The risks of scrotum Botox can vary based on a patient’s medical history and goals for treatment. Possible risks include:

  • Infection at the injection sites
  • Temporary numbness
  • Lower sperm count (this has not been observed in human patients, but it is a possibility that patients should consider)
  • Little to no effect
  • Tightness of the scrotum or nearby areas
  • Prolonged or severe side effects such as bruising, swelling, or redness

Major complications from scrotox are rare. However, patients should understand that all procedures come with some inherent risk. Your provider can further discuss the risks during a consultation at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery.

The Bellevue Scrotal Botox Injection Experience


The first step to undergoing scrotum Botox in Bellevue is to schedule a consultation with a provider at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery. At a consultation, an injector or plastic surgeon will ask about your goals for treatment and why you are considering scrotox. They will also review your medical history and lifestyle. Finally, they may want to examine the scrotum to understand anatomical features such as skin thickness, size, and how much the cremaster muscle impacts the position of the testicles.

If your provider determines that your anatomy and medical history are compatible with the treatment, they may be able to perform the treatment during the same appointment. If this is not possible, patients can schedule their scrotum Botox injections.

Scrotum Botox Injections

Scrotum Botox consists of around fifty injections into the scrotum. Depending on the goals for treatment, the Botox may target nerves or the cremaster muscle. Your provider will likely apply numbing cream before treatment to keep the procedure as pain free as possible.

The injections themselves use a fine needle that generally does not penetrate very deeply into the skin. Overall, the injections themselves take around ten minutes to perform and the entire procedure with numbing cream takes about twenty to thirty minutes. Scrotox can be done on a lunch break or be squeezed into a busy schedule.

Aftercare & Results

Patients can return to their normal routine immediately following treatment. Some discomfort is normal, but it usually does not majorly interfere with your daily routine. Patients may consider reducing or ceasing strenuous physical activities and sexual activity for a couple of days to ensure adequate healing. This can also help reduce side effects such as swelling.

The results of scrotum Botox should be seen in two weeks. The exact results will vary based on several factors. In general, scrotox results last between three and four months.

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    How Many Units Of Botox Are Used For Scrotum Botox?

    The exact number of units your provider will inject during scrotox treatment will depend on the exact treatment. For example, if you are primarily treating swelling or want the testicles to look bigger. On average, patients recieve between fifty and one hundred units of Botox for the scrotum.

    Does It Make The Testicles Look Bigger?

    Scrotum Botox may help the testicles look bigger by relaxing the cremaster muscle’s hold on the testicles. This can help them hang lower and appear larger, but it does not actually change the size of the testicles or scrotum. Scrotox is a temporary treatment and will need to be repeated in three to four months to maintain results.

    Is Scrotox Safe?

    Yes, scrotum Botox is generally considered a safe, off-label use of Botox. However, always ensure you see a qualified injector with experience in scrotox or similar procedures. At The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, our injectors have undergone rigorous training and all are qualified medical professionals.

    Does Temperature Affect Scrotum Botox Results?

    It can. The scrotum and testicles naturally contract in cold weather and environments. This will continue to happen, even when the cremaster muscle is treated with Botox. Therefore, patients may see more noticeable or better results in warmer climates or during the spring and summer months. Normally, these differences are fairly subtle, but if this is a concern, patients can discuss it with their provider.

    How Much Is Scrotox Bellevue At The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery?

    The exact cost of scrotum Botox varies based on the number of units used during treatment. However, because it is a specialized procedure that addresses a sensitive area, additional costs are often applied. Patients can find starting costs for Botox and scrotox on our price list.

    Insurance does not cover scrotum Botox and it is a out of pocket cost. Patients can finance scrotox through outside financing companies such as Care Credit. You can find out more about payment and financing options on our financing page.

    The Best Scrotox In Bellevue & Kirkland, WA

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