Overview: Facial Feminization

Facial feminization refers to a group of procedures designed to transform the face from male to female. Therefore, for patients who are transitioning, it’s a critical step in confirming their gender and feeling as though their outer appearance matches their inner identity. At the core, male and female faces look very different. For example, a woman’s face is generally smaller and more delicate, conversely, a man’s face tends to be larger and feature more pronounced angles. Women have thinner, arched eyebrows, while on the other hand men possess a heavier, lower brow. The female nose tends to be smaller and slightly upturned, and the male nose is broad and features a wider tip. And finally, the female chin tends to be considerably less prominent.

Facial feminization surgery with Dr. Jonov involves taking all of these nuances into account and altering the face accordingly, creating a brand new appearance that feels more like you.

Surgical Technique

Thanks to Dr. Jonov’s extensive experience with facial feminization surgery, his patients in Seattle and surrounding areas have access to virtually any procedure they need to achieve a more feminine appearance. The most common surgeries performed as part of this transformation are below.

A Before photo of a Facial Feminization Plastic Surgery by Dr. Craig Jonov


An After photo of a Facial Feminization Plastic Surgery by Dr. Craig Jonov


Common Facial Feminization

Cheek Augmentation

Firstly, while male cheeks are broad and flat, females have refined and sculpted cheeks. To achieve the pronounced cheek area many transgender women want, Dr. Jonov will likely recommend a fat transfer, bone grafting, the use of implants or bio-stimulator.


Secondly, men and women tend to have very different noses. To feminize this important feature, Dr. Jonov will begin by creating an incision along the columella, which is the piece of cartilage at the base of the nose that separates your nostrils. From there, he will subtly address your masculine characteristics. For example, he may reduce the hump, narrow the bridge and refine the nasal tip. In addition, he will address any asymmetry to ensure a balanced final outcome.

Lip Augmentation

Thirdly, the most feminine lips are full, pouty and sensual – and that’s exactly what Dr. Jonov is able to deliver for transgender women. Depending on your needs, this may be accomplished with a fat transfer, dermal fillers or a surgical lip lift.

Jaw Contouring
Fourthly, a universal indicator of masculinity is a strong, angular jaw. As such, it’s one of the first areas transgender women typically want to address. Through a discreet incision inside the mouth, Dr. Jonov can taper the jaw and cut away excess bone, thus, achieving a smaller and more feminine appearance.

Forehead Contouring

Finally, Dr. Jonov has plenty of experience altering the brow to appear more feminine. First, he will create an incision discreetly hidden within your hairline. Next, through that opening, he will remove excess bone so that your forehead appears less prominent and elevate the eyebrows via a brow lift to create feminine angles.

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    During/After Facial Feminization Surgery

    When performed correctly, facial feminization can match your physical appearance to your gender identity – boosting both your confidence and your quality of life. Contact Dr. Jonov’s Seattle area office today for a consultation, and learn more about how these transformative procedures can unveil the real you.

    I love Dr. Jonov!! He is one of the most popular surgeons for face contouring in Seattle. He did a wonderful job on my face ( face contouring, including zygoma reduction, angular jaw reduction and sliding genioplasty ). I had a great time too during the consultation time because he is a very warm person and friendly! He listened to my concerns. His suggestions me to fix my asymmetric face, prominent cheek bones and slightly slanted chin where exactly what I was hoping to here. I am now 2 months post operation and already love my result so much! I do not feel awkward anymore everytime I have to take picture from the front!

    TobyThank you very much for the wonderful job on me!

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