Make It Rain Package

(5 full treatments; 3 Rain Facials, 1 Dermaplaning, Choice of 1 Enzyme Peel OR 1 Zombie Carbon Laser Peel)


Glow Up Package

(3 peels & 3 Microneedling Sessions)


Pre-Event Glam Package

(4 full treatments; 1 Chemical Peel, 1 Microneedling, 1 Dermaplaning, Choice of 1 Rain Facial OR Oxygen Facial)


Procedure Time: 30 Min - 1 Hr

Recovery Time: Little to None


Skincare has become more and more important within today’s society. A good skincare routine can fight aging, reduce acne, and create a better overall look to the skin. Facials–both at home and professional–are often a part of a well-rounded skincare strategy. The master estheticians at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery are skincare experts with the knowledge and experience to achieve your skincare goals. When it comes to routine maintenance, medical grade facials can enhance your normal routines. Our master estheticians curated the Make It Rain package that features some of the best facials Bellevue and Kirkland offer to fight daily skin damage.


Every day our skin faces environmental damage and pollution. Cleansing, moisturizer, and other daily routines remove debris and free radicals from the skin. They also protect the skin from such pollutants and sun damage. Even with a solid and consistent routine, the skin will still face some damage. This is where facials come in.

Facials–while unnecessary for your everyday ritual–can provide deeper cleansing and resurfacing than daily cleansing. They also can add nutrients to the skin in a more targeted and effective manner. Undergoing regular facials provide temporary and long term benefits. Furthermore, Bellevue facials come in two distinct types: spa and medical.

Spa Facial vs. Medical Facial

Spa facials–like their name implies–are facials performed as part of a spa experience. These facials are often similar to those performed at home. While spa facials vary, they may include basic face cleansing, a massage, application of serums, and steaming.

A spa facial does offer some benefits to the skin. It cleanses and provides temporary appearance improvements. Some spa facials may even reduce redness and inflammation. However, they do not provide long lasting results. Spa facials are perfect for routine maintenance and cleansing of the skin. 

Medical facials, also known as medical grade facials, are designed to make lasting improvements to the skin. Medical grade facials often require a professional with medical training to apply and tend to use better, more potent ingredients. The master estheticians at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery perform medical grade facials to improve the quality of the skin.

Facials Before & After

A Before & After of Facials in Bellevue and Kirkland


The Make It Rain package is a curated grouping of medical grade facials with a focus on treating skin damage the environment causes. It also treats chronic skin dryness and is perfect for the winter months where the skin may become dried out. Containing some of the best facials in Bellevue and Kirkland, the Make It Rain package can contribute to the overall betterment of your skin.

The Pacific Northwest experiences varied weather during every season that can irritate and damage the skin. Between dry and cracked skin in the winter and sun damage in the summer, the Make It Rain package aims to treat and protect your skin from everything the environment throws at it. 


The Make It Rain package combines multiple facials and treatments. Therefore, it provides several notable benefits and advantages. Among some of the benefits you may experience from your Make It Rain package are:

  • Better skin texture
  • Improved skin tone and complexion
  • Treat dull looking skin
  • Fewer acne flareups
  • Increase in collagen production
  • Clear clogged pores
  • Moisturize the skin
  • Clean the skin and pores
  • Dry skin treatment
  • Extraction of blackheads
  • Removal of dead skin cells
  • Treat fine lines and wrinkles
  • Removes debris, pollutants, and free radicals from the skin
  • Protects against environmental factors that can damage or clog the skin
  • Improve skin quality

Along with the many skin benefits you can receive following the Make It Rain package, the procedures themselves all take less than one hour to complete. All of the treatments are non-invasive and require little aftercare. The Make It Rain custom facials are also safe for sensitive skin and all skin types and tones. 

Finally, the Make It Rain package is among one of the most customizable medical grade facials available in Bellevue and Kirkland. No two facials or packages are the same and are catered especially to each patient’s needs at the time of treatment. If you undergo the package twice, you likely will receive a different experience than the first time.

Very professional and friendly. I always have a great experience here and continue to come back.


This office is wonderful. I have been here for invasive as well as noninvasive procedures and the staff and providers are excellent. They provide a variety of services with the upmost professionalism. Highly recommend.



The Make It Rain package combines three facials and esthetic treatments performed over a few months. The backbone of the Make It Rain package is the rain facial. Other treatments included in the package are dermaplaning and your choice of either an enzyme peel or the zombie carbon laser peel. Further customizations and add ons are possible. Your master esthetician can discuss this during a consultation. 

Rain Facial

The rain facial is a customizable facial with thousands of unique combinations. It features offerings that kill and remove acne causing bacteria, treat aging, and gently resurface the skin. In all, the rain facial has nine heads that each serve a purpose for your skin. Your master esthetician will choose the ones necessary to give you the best results and treat your concerns.

In general, we offer two starting rain facials: the tsunami and monsoon. Each type of rain facial is customizable beyond the features utilized. 

  • Tsunami: The tsunami rain facial aims to deeply moisturize the skin. This is the basic rain facial that can benefit nearly everyone. The features included in the tsunami facial are the microdermabrasion (this is the foundation of the rain facial and prominent during nearly every treatment), an ultrasonic facial, and red light therapy.
  • Monsoon: The monsoon rain facial is designed to treat aging and mild acne. It can gently perform extractions and can address discoloration due to aging. The tools utilized during the monsoon rain facial include microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage, skin scrubber treatment, and red light therapy.

It is not unlikely that each of your three rain facials may slightly differ from each other. Your master esthetician can discuss the specifics of your treatment during your consultation at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery.


Dermaplaning is a procedure that uses a surgical blade to remove dead skin and peach fuzz from the surface of the face. This makes makeup go on easier and supplies a noticeable glow. It also can improve the efficiency of subsequent treatments and your daily skincare. 

Enzyme Peel

An enzyme peel is a lighter version of a chemical peel that uses fruit enzymes to resurface and nourish the skin. It does not cause major peeling if you experience any. It is one of the options for finishing off your Make It Rain facials package.

The enzyme peel uses naturally derived ingredients to add nourishment and remove the upper layer of skin. Overall, this is a gentle treatment that enhances the look of the skin.

Zombie Carbon Laser Peel

When administering the zombie carbon laser peel, your master esthetician will first apply a thin layer of carbon and allow it to set on the skin. Then, using a state-of-the-art laser, your master esthetician will remove the carbon. 

This treatment is another option for your final treatment of the Make It Rain package. This Kirkland facial does not ablate the skin and requires no downtime. It can especially benefit oily skin and leaves the skin feeling overall refreshed.


Skincare Consultation

Before undergoing the Make It Rain facials protocol, you will meet with a master esthetician. During this consultation at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, your master esthetician will determine if you are a candidate for the Make It Rain package. Since the rain facial and other treatments are non-invasive, most people can benefit from the Make It Rain package. 

Your master esthetician will review your skin goals, daily routine, and pertinent medical history. They may also physically examine the skin briefly. Your master esthetician can then determine if the Make It Rain package is safe and effective for your skin.


Over the coming months, you will undergo three rain facials, a dermaplaning treatment, and either an enzyme peel or zombie carbon laser peel. The order of the treatments may be altered depending on your needs. Depending on your preferences or master esthetician’s recommendation, you may have additional procedures or add ons. 

When it comes to available add-ons, in some cases, patients may be able to upgrade an enzyme peel to a traditional chemical peel. They may also opt for additional treatments such as adding on an extra dermaplaning procedure or an oxygen facial. You can discuss this with your master esthetician at the initial consultation.


Immediately following each treatment, you may notice that your skin feels cleaner and refreshed. The rain facial and dermaplaning often provide a glow that becomes noticeable soon after the treatment.

When you finish the package, you may observe that your skin looks healthier and more moisturized. While the glow will eventually wear off, you can continue to improve your skin quality with further treatments. The Make It Rain package cannot totally prevent future skin damage due to the environment. However, future Make It Rain facials in Bellevue can continue to provide skin improvement and treatment.

It is common after initial rain facial treatment to need the treatment less often. Therefore, you may be able to plan Make It Rain facials as maintenance treatments every year or two.

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    The master estheticians at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery have decades of combined experience and expertise. Understanding the concerns, problems, and wishes of our patients, they put together this personalized facials package especially to treat those needs. It is among one of the best facials Bellevue and Kirkland offers.

    The Make It Rain facials package specifically treats the needs of skin exposed to the varied weather of the Pacific Northwest. It focuses on damage caused by strong winter winds and the harsh summer sun. 

    Located just off I-5 in Lynnwood, The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery offers state-of-the-art treatment rooms. We place patient safety and comfort as the highest priority and take every precaution to ensure them. 

    To learn more about the Make It Rain package and to schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also contact us online using our Price Simulator™ app, contact form, or chat.

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