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The tummy and thighs are two of the most problematic body areas for patients. These two areas are affected by aging, pregnancy, genetics, gravity, and several more factors. They also tend to be among the most susceptible due to where fat naturally pools on the body. If a patient has concerns about both of these areas, Dr. Jonov frequently recommends a tummy tuck with thigh lift. This allows him to treat both areas at once and patients to enjoy their full results sooner. The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery provides the best tummy tuck with thigh lift Bellevue and Kirkland offers.

Overview: Causes Of Loose Skin On The Abdomen And Thighs

As implied above, loose skin on the abdomen and thighs has various causes that will vary from patient to patient. Dr. Jonov will examine the causes of your loose skin during a consultation. This will inform the approach he takes when recommending a procedure and performing it.

Along with what can cause the changes, your age, skin quality, if you smoke, and how well your recovery goes, all impact what is possible and the results you get. Some of the main causes and factors that influence the development of loose skin on the abdomen and thighs include:

  • Progressing age
  • Pregnancy (especially multiple pregnancies)
  • Quick or frequent significant changes in weight
  • Genetics
  • Sun damage/exposure
  • Smoking
  • Weight loss or gain at an older age
  • Certain illnesses and medical conditions
  • Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
  • Bariatric surgery

While the above reasons are some of the most common or well known causes of loose, sagging skin, countless other factors could contribute. It is not always possible to identify all the contributing reasons for the extra skin, but Dr. Jonov can usually determine the largest ones.

Benefits & Risks Of A Tummy Tuck And Thigh Lift

When choosing to undergo elective surgery, patients need to carefully consider both the benefits and risks. Most plastic surgeries today, carry few major risks for the average patient. However, for certain patients due to the medications they take, if they smoke, or have a major medical condition, there may be more risk involved for that individual patient. Dr. Jonov evaluates this for each patient to ensure they are good candidates.

The benefits of a combined tummy tuck and thigh lift include:

  • Remove excess skin
  • Flatter abdomen
  • Address stubborn fat deposits
  • Correct diastasis recti of the abdominal muscles
  • Clothing sizes may go down
  • Address changes due to weight loss or fluctuation
  • Repair damage and changes caused by pregnancy
  • Improve overall body contours
  • Can address some medical issues like hernias and back pain
  • May make it easier to exercise
  • Less recovery time than two separate surgical sessions
  • Obtain desired results faster
  • More balanced body contours
  • Tends to offer more dramatic results
  • Less likely to experience complications than if you underwent two surgeries
  • Performed by a plastic surgeon with decades of experience

The risks of a thigh lift with tummy tuck surgery include:

  • Infection
  • Visible or raised scarring
  • Poor healing
  • Seroma
  • Hematoma
  • Complications associated with anesthesia
  • Skin necrosis
  • Nerve damage
  • Asymmetry
  • Blood clots
  • Bleeding

Dr. Jonov will evaluate your risk profile during your consultation. While many will not have any significantly increased risks, if you do, this does not necessarily mean you cannot undergo surgery. However, it will warrant a further conversation with Dr. Jonov and alterations to your surgical plan.

Before & After

A Before & After Photo of a Tummy Tuck with Thigh Lift Plastic Surgery by Dr. Craig Jonov in Bellevue and Kirkland

Before & After

A Before & After Photo of a Tummy Tuck by Dr. Craig Jonov in Bellevue and Kirkland

From Start To Finish Abdominoplasty With Thigh Lift

Consultation With Dr. Jonov

Before undergoing a tummy tuck with thigh lift, you will first meet with Dr. Craig Jonov for a consultation. During your initial appointment, Dr. Jonov will ask you about your goals for the procedure, medical history, and relevant aspects of your lifestyle. He will then examine the area to examine skin quality, the amount of fat, and other aspects of your anatomy. Dr. Jonov will then determine if you are a candidate for the surgery.

Following this, you will discuss all possible treatment options with Dr. Jonov and review the specifics of each procedure. He will provide an in-depth description of what each procedure would entail and the results you could expect. Before you leave the office, you will receive a personalized price quote and financing.


The tummy tuck and thigh lift surgery will involve incisions across the lower abdomen and incisions down each inner thigh. The exact size and length of the procedures depend on how much skin needs to be removed. Dr. Jonov will provide a more detailed description of the incisions once he sees your skin condition.

Through the incisions, Dr. Jonov will remove the extra skin and fat. On the abdomen, he will correct diastasis recti if it is present. Once the necessary skin and fat are removed, Dr. Jonov will tighten the remaining skin over the areas and stitch the incisions.


A tummy tuck with thigh lift may cause some side effects such as pain, swelling, itchiness, and redness. Dr. Jonov will prescribe post-operative medications to help you manage pain and prevent infection. You will need to remain bent over to prevent putting stress on your tummy tuck incision. Generally, Dr. Jonov will advise you to rest for at least two weeks with only necessary walking to promote blood flow, use the bathroom, etc. 

Patients with sedentary jobs can usually return to work after about two weeks, while those with more physical jobs may need to wait three to four weeks. Regardless, after two weeks, most patients are beginning to feel more like themselves and see a noticeable reduction in side effects.

Dr. Jonov has been amazing for this entire journey from the consultation all the way to my one year post op appointment. He has a very warm personality and is very patient. I would definitely recommend him! Thank you Dr. Jonov!


Dr. Jonov was my third consult. From the first time I walked into his office to my one year follow-up, the whole staff has been amazing! Dr. Jonov listened to me, he heard what I asked for and helped me decide what was going to be the best options for me and my lifestyle, my money and MY BODY! The first two consults I went to would only do it "their way"...I understand not wanting someone walking around making your work look bad but it was a choice I should have been making myself. He was personally available after surgery for any questions (which I did end up having the night after my surgery). He is more on the conservative side with recovery instructions which I really appreciated! I couldn't imagine having been cleared for normal activity any earlier than I already was. Plus, mega bonus, my results are SPECTACULAR!


Dr. Jonov is extremely talented and I couldn't have imagined better results. The supporting staff here is wonderful. I will always recommend them to all my friends and family.


I am very happy to write a review for the best plastic surgeon in Washington State (Dr. Jonov) . Everything went so well starting on the first appointment we had back in January, ending a few days ago where I went for my month checkout after surgery appointment . Dr. Jonov is very professional and his staff are all the nicest people I have met. I feel so happy with the results on the procedure it was done on my body.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will A Tummy Tuck With Thighplasty Lift The Pubic Area?

A tummy tuck can provide some mild enhancement to the pubic area. However, if you need more than a small enhancement, you may consider undergoing a mons pubis lift. This procedure uses the same incision as your tummy tuck and will simply pull the pubic skin upward and remove the excess.

How Do I Choose Between A Thigh Lift And Thigh Liposuction?

Thigh liposuction is another commonly performed thigh enhancement procedure. The way to know which will best benefit you is to determine whether extra skin or fat is the biggest contributing factor to the appearance of your thighs. Your age and skin quality also matter when considering the right procedure. 

If you have mostly extra skin with small fat pockets, you may be a better candidate for a thigh lift. If you have most excess, stubborn fat pockets with tight skin, liposuction may be the better option. The two procedures are also commonly combined. Dr. Jonov can ultimately help you determine what procedure will best benefit you.

Is It Safe To Combine Surgeries?

Yes, as long as the patient is a good candidate for combined surgeries. Generally, it necessitates being able to go under general anesthesia for an extended period. If you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck, you are likely a good candidate for a combined surgery such as a tummy tuck with thigh lift.

Will All Of The Scars From My Tummy Tuck And Thigh Lift Be Hidden?

The majority of your scars are easily hidden with undergarments or clothing. If your thigh lift scars extend vertically down the thighs, you may not be able to completely hide these in all swimsuits or clothing. However, since they are on the inner thigh, they are difficult to see.

Due to the results patients see after losing weight and how much their body shrinks, scarring often becomes less important. Though it is extremely important to know what to expect from your scars and it should be part of your consideration process.

How Do I Maintain My Results?

Your tummy tuck and thigh lift results can last several years and even longer than a decade with the right aftercare and lifestyle. While skin removal surgeries cannot last forever due to the natural progression of aging, there are things you can do to help promote the longest lasting results such as:

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise
  • Take good care of your scars
  • Do not get pregnant
  • Keep your weight stable
  • Wear your compression garments as directed during recovery
  • Attend post-operative appointments
  • Avoid smoking
  • Stay hydrated
  • Know what to expect as you age

The Best Tummy Tuck With Thigh Lift At The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery

The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is located within a short drive of Bellevue and Kirkland in Lynnwood, WA. Near Alderwood Mall and both major interstates, The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is accessible and boasts free on-site parking. With some of the top providers in the state, The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery offers the best tummy tuck with thigh lift Bellevue and Kirkland provides.

Dr. Craig Jonov is a renowned plastic surgeon with decades of experience. He specializes in plastic surgery of the face, breast, and body. Dr. Jonov personalizes the surgery to each patient’s needs and anatomy. With decades of experience performing tummy tuck and thigh lift surgeries—both together and separately—Dr. Jonov is Bellevue’s top plastic surgeon for thigh lift surgery.

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