Should I Lose Weight Before Lipo?

By April 17, 2023 No Comments
Liposuction is a well known plastic surgery procedure that uses light suction to remove fat cells. Though, a common misconception is that liposuction is a weight loss surgery, but this is inaccurate. Liposuction removes small pockets of fat to help tone and contour the body. In the largest liposuction procedures, it will remove up to ten pounds of fat. Therefore, this can lead patients to ask, “Should I lose weight before lipo?” The answer to this question is complicated. The first factor to consider is the goals for undergoing liposuction. If a patient is looking to address a particular area such as under the chin, losing weight is not necessary in most cases. However, if a patient is more for sculpting and contouring or there are multiple treatment sites, Dr. Jonov may recommend losing some weight before liposuction. Generally, anyone with a BMI under 30 does not need to lose weight to see good results. Though, again, this can vary. In some cases, such as that of a fat transfer procedure like a BBL, Dr. Jonov may advise the patient to gain some weight in order to have enough fat to transfer.  With that said, it is rare for major weight changes to be needed to undergo surgery. If currently in the process of losing weight, wait to seek liposuction until around ten pounds within the goal weight. This will give Dr. Jonov a more accurate idea of how the skin will retract and if liposuction will provide good results.  To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561 or reach out online via chat, contact form, or Price Simulator.
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