Dr. Craig Jonov: Seattle Breast Augmentation Testimonial – Pamela. Get a complimentary consultation with Dr. Craig Jonov. After losing weight, Pamela came to Dr. Jonov for her “100,000 mile tune up” and is so grateful she did. The procedure was seamless, her recovery went very well, and she loves her breast augmentation results. Pamela considers Dr. Jonov an artist and is appreciative of his kindness, expertise, and her renewed confidence. Video Transcript: Well I had lost some weight and along with my weight, went my chest. I found Dr. Jonov because he has an office right across the hall from where I work. He gave me some suggestions, he set my expectations, in order. I had a vision and he made sure that it was a realistic. And I think for me, that was really important. It went really easy. The anesthesiologist was amazing, he made the procedure go seamless, really. You can go on any clearance rack and usually find something anything from, of course a bathing suit was the first thing I noticed. Confident in what clothes I can wear, what styles I can wear. And also just confident in my mind. I think that that’s the biggest factor of all, really. My 100,000 mile tune up. I’ve not looked back and I would recommend it to anybody if they were ever considering it. Dr. Jonov, you’re amazing. I have appreciated everything about you. I do really feel you’re an artist, you see beyond my flaws and thanks. I couldn’t say that with anymore gratitude.