Breast Augmentation Expert: Dr. Craig Jonov at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery. Cindy was very fit but missing the curves that made her feel more like a woman. She talks about her wonderful experience at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery and why she chose Dr. Jonov for her breast augmentation procedure. Video Transcript: I’ve had breast enhancement and my doctor was Dr. Jonov at the Gallery. My entire life I was athletic, slim. I wanted something different. I wanted to be a little bit more voluptuous. I’m still thin, I’m still slender, but to have a few more curves and not always be just so athletic and so flat as I’ve always been. When I came in for the consult he was super nice and so he made me feel comfortable which is really important for something like that, something so personal. From there I just decided it was done. He knew right away what would be the best for me. I said I want something that was natural looking, I want something that will still make me look proportionate, but I still want to feel more feminine. So he gave me the options and he knew exactly what to do. Everyone made me feel real comfortable as soon as I walked in. It went by super quick. I think I was in and out within an hour. The recovery was pretty quick. Within two weeks I felt like I was whole again which was really important. Then I started playing soccer at about… it was less than three months, he gave me the okay. I started playing again. I would definitely recommend Dr. Jonov and the Gallery. You live life once so if you’re going to get something done to make yourself happy, why not? Why not? My husband absolutely adores them.