Seattle Tummy Tuck Testimonial from The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery (Abdominoplasty). After two pregnancies and nearly ten years, Marissa was ready to make an investment in herself with a tummy tuck. She talks about her wonderful experience with Dr. Jonov and his caring staff at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery. Marissa is thrilled with her results and finally looking forward to swimsuit season. Video Transcript: I tried diet and exercise to achieve a flat stomach after two pregnancies. It just wasn’t working out for me so that’s when I did my research and decided to have the procedure done. He made feel comfortable and didn’t rush me into having the procedure done versus the other institute. I felt like it was all about business, trying to hustle me or something like that. After the surgery, they provided me with the support that I needed. I needed some information and they followed up with phone calls later on that day and that made me feel really good. He was just concerned about my overall well-being. My diet and everything. Making sure that I had the support at home. I strongly recommend it because I look at it as an investment into yourself. I’m more confident, sexy I feel. Overall, I feel amazing. To Dr. Jonov, thank you so much for the amazing job and every time I look at my stomach, it just keeps getting better. Keeps looking better. I can’t wait for the summer to finally wear a swimsuit for the past almost ten years.