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As summer turns to fall, our skincare routines begin to shift. From a focus on protecting skin from the sun to protecting it from the cold and wind, autumn brings an entirely new set of skincare goals. However, it is also a great time to take advantage of less daylight for procedures like chemical peels and laser resurfacing. A great start to your fall skincare treatment protocol is The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery’s dermaplaning fall facial, also called pumpkin planing (thankfully, you do not need to grow pumpkins to make it work). This seasonal skincare special provides the coveted “dermaplane glow” while also preparing your skin for your products and treatments. The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery offers the best dermaplaning fall facial Bellevue and Kirkland provide.

Understanding Pumpkin Planing

The dermaplaning fall facial incorporates two powerful skin treatments to create glowing, healthier-looking skin. In summer, people can get acne because they sweat more and their skin gets wet. Sun damage is not the only problem. This can cause the texture of the skin to look or feel rough.

Thus, fall rings in a skincare routine focused on moisture and skin re-texturing for smoother skin and a more even complexion. There is not one treatment or product that will achieve this, but the right combination allows patients to see glowing skin through the holidays.

Pumpkin planing—or what we call our dermaplaning fall facial—is one of these procedures. Dermaplaning and the therapeutic pumpkin mask are both known for providing the skin with a healthy glow. Combined, the pumpkin mask can be even more effective and provide more nutrients to the skin.

What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a professionally performed skincare treatment that uses a scalpel to gently remove dead skin and viscous hairs (peach fuzz) from the face. When performed before a procedure like the pumpkin mask, it allows the treatment to reach the skin more directly which provides better results.

While the results are temporary, they can promote the overall look and feel of the skin by helping products and treatments be more effective. Dermaplaning, on its own or in combination with another treatment, is a great maintenance treatment for every season. However, when specifically combined with the pumpkin mask, it helps address common skin problems seen during fall.

What Are The Skin Benefits Of Pumpkin Mask?

Formulated by PCA, which also creates some of the world’s most popular chemical peels, the pumpkin mask has several beneficial and powerful ingredients. To name a few:

  • Salicylic Acid: A gentle and calming compound that is a common acne treatment. It helps clear the skin and keep the complexion clear.
  • Lactic Acid: It helps sever the bonds that prevent the dead skin from falling off. This helps remove any dead or dying skin that the scalpel could not adequately remove from the surface of the skin. It exfoliates and helps improve future exfoliation treatments.
  • Gluconic Acid: Also promoting a clear complexion, this poly hydroxy acid (PHA) deeply moisturizes and calms the skin.

The primary benefits of the pumpkin mask are to soften rough skin, promote a clear and even complexion, and create a gorgeous glow immediately after treatment.


Undergoing the dermaplaning fall facial comes with many potential benefits:

  • Removes dead skin
  • Creates smoother skin
  • Promotes a glowy complexion
  • Removes unwanted facial hair, including peach fuzz
  • Provides the skin with various nutrients
  • Allows skincare products and treatments to better absorb into the skin and be more effective
  • Helps makeup go on smoother
  • Prevent breakouts
  • Combines manual and chemical exfoliation
  • Safe for all Fitzpatrick skin types
  • Amazing skin maintenance treatment
  • Quick treatment
  • Non-invasive
  • Immediately noticeable results
  • Helps promote collagen production
  • Safe, low-risk procedure
  • Performed by master estheticians in a comfortable and safe environment

The Dermaplaning Fall Facial At The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery

When a patient comes in for a pumpkin planing, the first step the master esthetician will take is to cleanse the face. This removes makeup and surface debris. They will then prep the skin with a smoothing toner and let it dry. 

The master esthetician will then begin the dermaplaning treatment. Using a scalpel, the master esthetician will slow and gently scrape the blade across the surface of the skin. This removes dead skin and hair. The overall process is painless, and there is little risk of injury. Master estheticians are specifically trained to use these tools for dermaplaning.

Once done with the dermaplaning procedure, the face is cleansed again, and a detoxifier is applied. The master esthetician will also use a nutrient toner before beginning the pumpkin mask. Gently rubbing a small amount of the mask onto the face, they will continue this process until the mask is fully applied.

Patients may feel some slight tingling or discomfort. Though, it should not be major. The mask stays on for approximately five minutes or until it is fully absorbed. Finally, the master esthetician applies various calming skin products and finishes it off with sunscreen so that patients can get on with their day without worry (though patients should avoid going in full sun for at least a few days). The entire treatment takes under one hour.

Side Effects

Overall, pumpkin planing has very few risks or side effects. Though, everyone’s skin will react differently. Any side effects should be resolved quickly. Possible side effects are:

  • Redness
  • Slight discomfort
  • Breakouts
  • Increased sun sensitivity

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    How Long Do Dermaplaning Facial Results Last?

    Patients can see their dermaplaning glow last between a few days to a week or so. This will vary based on the patient’s skin routine, skin type, and how often they undergo dermaplaning. The dermaplane facial can help the glow, and overall results last slightly longer.

    What Skin Types Is Dermaplaning Best For?

    Our master estheticians can usually perform dermaplaning on all skin types. Though dermaplaning is especially effective for oily skin types because it helps remove dead skin and hair, which may help trap oil in the skin. The pumpkin mask is also great for oily and acne-prone skin.

    While the treatment is safe for sensitive skin, patients may want to use caution and thoroughly discuss it with their master esthetician. However, if a patient with sensitive skin has undergone similar procedures before with few problems, they will likely tolerate pumpkin planing well.

    How Often Should You Dermaplane?

    It depends on various factors of your individual skin. However, it is safe to dermaplane every two to four weeks for most people. With that said, beginners may want to put more time between treatments so that their skin gets used to the treatment. If your skin turnsovers quickly, you may be able to dermaplane your skin every one to two weeks.

    What Is The Difference Between Pumpkin Planing & Traditional Pumpkin Masks?

    The pumpkin mask we use for our dermaplaning fall facial is professionally formulated. It contains many ingredients seen in other treatments, such as chemical peels. However, it is gentler than these treatments but still effective. The typical at-home pumpkin mask does not contain such a powerful combination of ingredients.

    Also, the dermaplaning performed is of a higher quality than any at-home dermaplaning tools available to the average person. Because our master estheticians use a surgical blade, they are able to achieve better and more precise results than at-home treatment.

    How Much Is The Dermaplaning Fall Facial?

    Pumpkin planing at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery starts at $249. Visit our price list or Price Simulator for more pricing information.

    The Best Esthetic Skincare In Bellevue At The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery

    The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is a premier cosmetic surgery practice and medical spa serving the Bellevue and Kirkland areas. Our master estheticians see patients for a number of skin issues, including sun damage, unwanted hair, and wrinkles. Using their advanced aesthetic and medical knowledge, master estheticians can help patients choose the cosmetic procedures best for them. The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery provides the best pumpkin planing facial Bellevue, and Kirkland offers.

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