Our Team

Image of Gricelda Prado

Gricelda Prado

Chief Operating Officer

Image of Belinda Perez

Belinda Perez

Patient Care Coordinator

Image of Lynda Borge-Jouini

Lynda Borge-Jouini

Registered Nurse

Image of Sade Barrington

Sade Barrington

Registered Nurse

Image of Angela Turingan

Angela Turingan

Registered Nurse

Image of Ashley Fedan

Ashley Fedan

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Image of Tracy Lawrence

Tracy Lawrence

Insurance Billing Specialist

Image of Chanel Viner

Chanel Viner

Patient Care Coordinator

Image of Gyna Huynh

Gyna Huynh

Registered Nurse

Image of Haley Rowe

Haley Rowe

Registered Nurse

Image of Jayde McFerrin

Jayde McFerrin

Pre-Operative Coordinator

Image of Jessica Hawkinson

Jessica Hawkinson

Director of Operating Services

Image of Lisa Montgomery

Lisa Montgomery

Medical Assistant

Image of Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker

Medical Assistant

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