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Arm Lift Bellevue: Does Arm Lift Surgery Leave Scars?

By February 15, 2021 No Comments
Colloquially referred to as “bat wings”, this arm appearance can occur due to many factors such as aging, weight loss, and weight gain. Since an arm lift can achieve thinner, better proportioned arms, many patients become interested in the results of an arm lift. One of the most commonly asked questions is, “Does arm lift surgery leave scars?”Arm lift surgery does leave scars. One of the realities of arm lift surgery is that scars are not as easy to hide as those from other plastic surgeries like breast augmentation or tummy tuck. Arm lift scars usually are on the back or inside of the arms. Not often visible at first glance, the scars are not always immediately obvious. Luckily, not every patient will develop noticeable scars. There are also many ways you can minimize the look of scarring during healing. Also, caring for your scars and keeping them protected from the sun and elements during healing can aid healing. Additionally, Dr. Jonov will make every effort to keep scars as thin, short, and inconspicuous as possible.For many patients, arm lift scars are worth it and they find themselves happier with their new arms following surgery. Dr. Jonov can advise you on your options for achieving the arms you want. To schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also reach us online using our chat, contact form, or Price Simulator™
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