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How Hard Is It To Rupture A Silicone Implant?

Breast augmentation Bellevue complications are rare, but understandably, patients want to know the risks of breast implants. Among one of the most well known and troubling complications patients ask about is breast implant rupture. Rupture is when a breast implant breaks within the breast. Depending on the type of breast implant, rupture may not cause too many issues beyond a deflated breast. However, in extremely rare cases, rupture can cause major problems. With silicone implants becoming the standard, patients often want to know “How hard is it to rupture a silicone implant?” Modern silicone breast implants rarely rupture. Silicone breast implants can withstand hundreds of pounds of force and pressure. It is unlikely that normal everyday contact or force would cause your breast implants to rupture. There have been cases of certain types of injuries or accidents (such as a car accident) causing implants to rupture, though even this is fairly rare. Breast implants do break down over time with natural wear and tear. Therefore, the chances of rupturing them from force do go up over time. It is also possible to cause small tears in the implant. It is important to monitor your implants carefully and reach out if you have concerns. Modern silicone breast implants, known as gummy bear breast implants, are made of a cohesive gel less likely to leak or rupture.  In the rare event that a gummy bear implant ruptures, the gel sticks to itself and is less likely to lose its shape or cause major problems. To schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can contact us online using Price Simulator™, chat, or contact form.
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