What To Do If Ozempic Affects Your Libido

What To Do If Ozempic Affects Your Libido?

By | Weight Loss
You’ve been trying your best to lose weight for your health. But it’s been a struggle. Maybe you have a family history of obesity or a health condition that makes it hard to get the numbers on your scale to drop. Whatever the case, you’re looking for a safe and effective way to lose weight and live more fully. That’s where Ozempic comes into the picture.Weight loss can bring a whole new level of confidence to every area of your life–including intimate relationships. Most people on weight loss medication report an increased desire for sex. But what if Ozempic has the opposite effect on you? What if your libido takes a major hit when you start injections?Let’s take a look at how Ozempic can impact your sex drive–and what you can do to get things in motion again.

Why Would Ozempic Impact Libido?

There isn’t a great deal of scientific evidence on the relationship between Ozempic and libido. We’ll need to see more studies on the subject before we can say what may be the cause. In the meantime, we can look over possible causes and solutions.First up on our list is low energy. Ozempic acts as an appetite suppressant, causing you to eat less. This calorie deficit plays a big role in your successful weight loss. When you start injections, you might notice that you have less energy or even fatigue. These can make you less motivated to be sexually active.Digestive side effects are another reason Ozempic could cause low sex drive. With your initial injections, you may have diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain/bloating–none of which will help you feel your sexiest.Ozempic helps you lose weight and manage blood sugar by mimicking a digestive hormone. Any medication that alters your hormones can also affect your libido.

Herbal Supplements & Vitamins To Boost Libido

It can be hard to start a new medication when you’re concerned about the side effects. The good news is that you’ll probably only experience side effects like low sex drive while your body adjusts to the medicine. To help you through this time, we have a list of herbal supplements and vitamins that can boost your libido.These supplements promote blood flow and help balance your hormones. Several of these herbs may even act as natural aphrodisiacs.
  • Maca Root
  • Ginseng
  • Ginkgo
  • Ashwagandha
  • Yohimbe
  • Rhodiola
  • Shatavari
Your overall health is important to your libido. You can strengthen your immune system–and possibly your sex drive–with these vitamins.
  • Vitamin B3 & B9
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Omega-3
  • L-arginine
  • L-carnitine

Additional Steps To Help Regain Your Sex Drive

If you’re having problems with low libido while taking Ozempic, a few lifestyle changes can help. Reducing your stress levels, getting more exercise, and avoiding processed foods may help you regain your sex drive. Schedule an appointment with your provider if you’re still having issues. They may suggest changing your Ozempic dosage, adding a prescription to combat the sexual side effects, or switching to another weight loss medication.

Lose Weight Without Sacrificing Your Libido

As the weight loss medication market grows, it can be hard to choose the medicine that’s right for you. The providers at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery will take the time to ask you questions about your goals. With this information, they can customize a weight loss program that’s right for you.Call us at (425) 775-3561 to learn more. You can also book a free consultation online today.

Did Taylor Swift Get Breast Implants?

By | Breast Augmentation
The paparazzi around Taylor Swift are always talking about the way she looks and recently social media has blown up due to the potential rumor that she has got breast implants. It is because of noticeable changes in her appearance at different public events. However, there is no concrete evidence of these whispers. Let’s further find out why this gossip occurs.

Reasons Behind The Enhanced Breast Size

The physical appearance of any celebrity is always the talk of the town and when it comes to Taylor Swift, no one can stop thinking about her. There can be several factors contributing to these rumors. Such as:
  1. Clothing Type: Recently, she was found in different designer tops and dresses which made the illusion of bigger breasts. A well-fitted structured outfit might give a delusion of raised curves. 
  2. Changes in Body: The body naturally changes due to aging. Weight fluctuations happen due to factors such as diet and exercise. Overall health can also impact body shape and size. 
  3. Role of Style and Make-up: Celebrities often work with professionals who might enhance their looks to a level that can even replace plastic surgery. 
  4. Role of Lights and Photographers: Professionals like photographers and lighting experts also contribute to perceiving physical changes. They take pride in enhancing the physical appearance of celebrities. 
  5. Photo Editing: There are hundreds of editing tools that can enhance the physical appearance the way we want. There could be an editing tool that has shown the breast a bit bigger than earlier. 

The Facts Behind The Rumors

Tylor Swift has kept her life relatively private. She has not publicly addressed the rumors about breast implants, which leaves the rumors as it is. Every celebrity has the right to privacy and thus, digging into the rumors can be just beating around the bush. Also, these public speculations contribute to unrealistic beauty standards and body image issues.However, fans around the world, compare before and after photos from 2011. There is a chance that she might have done a fat transfer or grafting procedure to gain firmness but that is also mere speculation.

Beyond Physical Appearance

Tylor Swift is known for her mind-blowing singing. The gorgeous look of hers is always captivating but let’s not overshadow the talented singing. How she dresses and carries herself has a major effect on her physical appearance.  Her style of singing has already drawn the attention of millions of hearts. Whether the rumor is correct or not, the singing sensation will always remain a superstar known for her performance.

The Bottom Line

The life of celebrities has always made everyone awestruck. We all want to know everything about them forgetting that they have a right to privacy. Apart from being an amazing singer, Taylor Swift’s looks are also a buzz. Due to the apparent changes in breast size, rumors spread like fire about breast implants, however, we are not sure if they are mere rumors or facts. As Taylor Swift has not made any official comment on this gossip, we can not say that it is for real.

Why Does Your Tirzepatide Injection Site Itch?

By | Weight Loss
Figuring out how to drop extra weight can be difficult and frustrating. If your personal weight loss plan (consisting of a healthy diet and exercise routine) hasn’t worked, a professional weight loss program may be the next thing to try.  What can a professional program offer you that you haven’t already tried? Along with teaching healthy lifestyle habits, weight loss programs provide access to prescriptions to help your body shed those extra pounds. Medications like (tirzepatide) trigger weight loss by acting like the naturally occurring hormones known as GIP (gastric inhibitory polypeptide) and GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1). Your body secretes these common digestive hormones when you eat. They slow down how quickly your stomach processes food, helping you feel full longer and regulating your blood sugar. While most side effects of Tirzepatide impact your stomach, you may develop a reaction at the injection site.  

What Causes Your Tirzepatide Injection Site To Itch?

You may have itching at the injection site for several reasons. We’ll cover a few of the most common causes below.
  • Injection Site Reaction
When you sustain an injury, your body will quickly begin healing. This can happen with internal injuries like strained muscles or external injuries like cuts. If the injury is external, your skin will need to heal. As your skin heals, there can be sensation changes. You could have numbness, tingling, or itching near your injury. The needle for your Tirzepatide injections can cause a similar response. The skin around your injection site may be red or itchy as you heal. This is a normal bodily reaction and will clear up in a few days. 
  • Immune Reaction
You may have redness, swelling, itching, soreness, or burning at the site of your injections. If you experience these, you may be having an immune reaction to the medicine. Similar to an allergic reaction, an immune reaction is usually less severe. What if you develop itching paired with burning, swelling, redness, or soreness after taking Tirzepatide for several weeks or months? An immune reaction is most common as you increase your dosage. Don’t be surprised if this new symptom appears well into your weight loss program.  
  • Allergic Reaction
A more serious cause of itching could be an allergic reaction. You’ll probably have other symptoms too, so don’t worry if itching is your only complaint. Call your healthcare provider immediately if you notice any of the following symptoms:
  • Muscles aches
  • Fever
  • Severe pain or blistering at the injection site
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Hives or skin rash
 Call 911 if you have any problems breathing or experience swelling of your lips, tongue, or throat. These are signs of a severe allergic reaction. 

Tips To Ease Injection Site Itching

It’s normal to see some irritation or itching from your Tirzepatide injections. An itchy injection site can be irritating, but we have some tips to help minimize the effect.  
  • Applying a cold compress or a cool, sanitary washcloth can help ease the itch. This one gets bonus points because it can also help with soreness and redness.
  • Try a gentle cream or moisturizer to ease the itch. Be sure to apply it to the skin around the injection, not directly on the site.
  • Is your injection causing pain and itching? You can take an over-the-counter pain reliever–just check with your provider first to see if it’s safe to use with Tirzepatide.

Start A Professional Weight Loss Program Today

The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery offers Tirzepatide weight loss plans. Our providers will customize a program for you and walk you through every step. If you have any questions about your medication or the side effects, we have doctors on call 24/7.  Call our office at (425) 775-3561 to learn more or book your free in-person or virtual consultation today.