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Facial Feminization Bellevue: What Is Facial Feminization Surgery?

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As part of a transgender transition, a trans woman may undergo surgical procedures to achieve a more feminine look. This can include breast augmentation, a Brazilian butt lift, and facial feminization. While the others are commonly performed procedures in cisgender women, what is facial feminization surgery?Facial feminization is a surgery that combines multiple procedures to create a more feminine face. It is customized for every individual patient and no two procedures will look exactly the same. Examples of surgeries that are sometimes performed during facial feminization include: Dr. Jonov will examine your face and goals to determine which procedures will provide you the best results. Facial feminization is highly customizable. It keeps patients looking like themselves, only a more feminine version. The length of the surgery will vary on the number and type of procedures. However, you can expect around 2-4 hours.To schedule a consultation with Dr. Craig Jonov, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also connect with us online using our Price Simulator™, chat, or contact form.
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Juvederm Bellevue: What Juvederm Is Best For Lips?

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Juvederm makes a variety of hyaluronic acid fillers for various areas of the face including the cheeks, folds, and lips. Lip filler continues to be one of the most popular non-surgical procedures in the United States. Juvederm is one of the top filler manufacturers for lips. However, Juvederm offers many filler options. What Juvederm is best for lips?Most Juvederm fillers can achieve a good result in the lips. As far as what filler was designed specifically for use in the lips, that would include Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus. The injectors at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery routinely use Juvederm fillers in the lips and can determine which Juvederm product will give you the best results.Juvederm Ultra Plus consists of a thicker formula than Juvederm Ultra. It also tends to last longer. This thicker formula may not suit all lip filler patients or goals. Patients who want extremely subtle results or who want a more malleable filler may find that Juvederm Ultra best serves their needs.In general, Juvederm lip fillers last between three months and one year depending on the filler you receive and biological factors. Juvederm can provide subtle to dramatic results and is an all around versatile product for lip filler injections. To learn more about Juvederm and schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also contact us online using our contact form, chat, or Price Simulator™.
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VI Peel Bellevue: How Long Do You Peel With VI Peel?

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The VI Peel is a high-end chemical peel designed to deliver medium depth results with only mild to moderate peeling. Peeling after a chemical peel largely depends on your skin type, if you’ve had peels before, and various other factors. Despite this, it is natural for patients to wonder, “How long do you peel with a VI Peel?” On average, patients will begin peeling around Day Three following their VI Peel in Bellevue. They then usually peel through Day Five. This means that if you have a VI peel Wednesday, you can expect to peel through the weekend. While peeling will vary between patients, the VI Peel is known for minimal peeling post-procedure and providing full results in a week.  The VI Peel also comes with a curated kit of aftercare. This aftercare was specifically formulated to work with the VI Peel. It soothes the skin, promotes minimal skin peeling, and protects the skin as it heals after the peel. This makes the VI Peel unique and sets it apart from other chemical peels.  After a consultation with a master esthetician at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, they can provide a more personalized timeline for your VI Peel aftercare. In general, the VI Peel does not cause patients to peel for more than a few days. To schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also reach us online via Price Simulator™, chat, and our contact forms.
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Arm Lift Bellevue: Does Arm Lift Surgery Leave Scars?

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Colloquially referred to as “bat wings”, this arm appearance can occur due to many factors such as aging, weight loss, and weight gain. Since an arm lift can achieve thinner, better proportioned arms, many patients become interested in the results of an arm lift. One of the most commonly asked questions is, “Does arm lift surgery leave scars?”Arm lift surgery does leave scars. One of the realities of arm lift surgery is that scars are not as easy to hide as those from other plastic surgeries like breast augmentation or tummy tuck. Arm lift scars usually are on the back or inside of the arms. Not often visible at first glance, the scars are not always immediately obvious. Luckily, not every patient will develop noticeable scars. There are also many ways you can minimize the look of scarring during healing. Also, caring for your scars and keeping them protected from the sun and elements during healing can aid healing. Additionally, Dr. Jonov will make every effort to keep scars as thin, short, and inconspicuous as possible.For many patients, arm lift scars are worth it and they find themselves happier with their new arms following surgery. Dr. Jonov can advise you on your options for achieving the arms you want. To schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also reach us online using our chat, contact form, or Price Simulator™
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Breast Augmentation Bellevue: How Long Does It Take For Silicone Implants To Drop?

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Immediately following breast augmentation surgery, the breasts will look bigger and fuller. However, the position of the implants becomes distorted as you heal due to swelling, inflammation, and the tightness of the muscle. It is completely normal for the implants to sit higher on the chest after breast augmentation. They will eventually drop into a more natural position. How long does it take for silicone implants to drop? First off, it should be noted that your breast implants may not drop at the same time. It is not uncommon for one breast implant to drop quicker than the other. This is usually due to the natural anatomy of the breast and is no cause for concern. Breast implants usually take around three months to drop. Based on other factors, this time will vary between patients. For example, patients with a strong pectoralis muscle may see implants take longer to drop. Gummy bear implants may also drop sooner than traditional silicone or saline breast implants.  Generally, breast implants drop within a few months of surgery. Results of breast augmentation are considered final about nine to twelve months following surgery. Dr. Jonov may also instruct you to massage your breasts to promote dropping and to alleviate swelling and other factors.  To schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can contact us online via our contact form, Price Simulator™, or chat.
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Dysport Bellevue: Does Dysport or BOTOX Last Longer?

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Dysport and BOTOX are both neuromodulator injections that temporarily paralyze facial muscle movements. They can treat and prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. When considering neuromodulator treatment, patients usually want the results to last as long as possible. Therefore, the question, “Does Dysport or BOTOX last longer?” comes up frequently in consultations.  The answer to this question Dysport and BOTOX both tend to last around three to six months. Certain patients may find that one or the other lasts longer for them. The site of injections can also determine how long they will last. Additionally, when treating conditions such as chronic migraines or hyperhidrosis, you may need to refresh your results more often. The main difference between BOTOX and Dysport are slight variations in formulas. Both injectables use Botulinum toxin A and a mixture of proteins. These small differences can play a part in why Dysport may last longer for one patient versus another. It is not uncommon for patients to try out both and determine which they prefer. Your injector can discuss the differences with you and work to determine whether BOTOX or Dysport injections are best for achieving your goals. To learn more about neuromodulators and schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also reach us online via chat, contact form, or our Price Simulator™
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Tummy Tuck Bellevue: Can A Mini Tummy Tuck Fix Diastasis Recti?

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The abdominal muscles are conjoined and held together by tendons, ligaments, and tissues. Comprised of various muscles, in their ideal state the abdominal muscles stay tight and joined together. However, diastasis recti is the separation of these muscles. This can occur in a variety of ways. For example, some diastasis recti only affect the top or bottom abdominal muscles. While not dangerous, diastasis recti often require surgical correction, which a tummy tuck can provide. Patients usually wonder, “can a mini tummy tuck fix diastasis recti?”The answer is a partial yes. If diastasis recti is only present in the lower abdominal muscles, muscle plication may adequately address it. Yet, if the condition extends beyond the lowest abdominal muscles it may require a full tummy tuck to correct.Diastasis recti causes a bulge in the stomach and can cause the “pooch” appearance of the stomach that a tummy tuck corrects. Dr. Jonov can determine if you have diastasis recti and which type of tummy tuck will best correct it and give you the results you are looking for. In most cases of diastasis recti, a full tummy tuck is required to fully repair the separation.To learn more about diastasis recti and schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also contact us online via our Price Simulator™, contact form, or chat.
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Breast Augmentation Bellevue: Does Transaxillary Breast Augmentation Lessen Recovery Time?

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When researching breast augmentation and deciding which technique is best for them, patients may come across many facts about transaxillary breast augmentation. One of these includes that transaxillary patients can experience a quicker recovery. Among the other benefits that draw patients to the transaxillary approach, this is one that patients often want to know if it is true or not most. So, does transaxillary breast augmentation less recovery time? The answer to this is that it depends. The placement of the transaxillary incision in the armpit allows easy access to behind the chest muscle. In most cases, this allows Dr. Jonov to place the breast implant behind the muscle without excision. No cutting of the muscle usually contributes to a less painful and quicker recovery. However, other factors do impact breast augmentation recovery time. Firstly, smoking can greatly increase recovery time regardless of the technique. Also, if patients return to work too quickly or try to exercise before they can, it can disrupt recovery. Finally, medical and genetic factors such as conditions and previous surgeries can lead to a quicker or slower recovery.  In general, the transaxillary breast augmentation method may lessen recovery time in patients who are good candidates. To schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also contact us online using our contact forms, chat, or Price Simulator™.
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Dermaplaning Bellevue: How Often To Get Dermaplaning?

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Dermaplaning is a procedure that uses a surgical blade to remove peach fuzz and dead skin. This can improve the efficacy of your skincare products and can contribute to a smoother makeup application. One of the most loved and notable benefits of dermaplaning is the glow it often creates after treatment. After undergoing their first Bellevue dermaplaning treatment, patients often want to know how often they can have dermaplaning. This question will vary for everyone. So, how often to get dermaplaning? Dermaplaning is considered one of the least invasive skincare procedures. It exfoliates and opens up the pores with an extremely gentle and careful technique. Therefore, it is possible to undergo dermaplaning more often than other procedures such as chemical peels or microneedling.  Most patients can safely get dermaplaning every three to four weeks. This roughly once enough schedule removes the dead skin that accumulated since the last treatment, removes surface hair, and restores a dermaplane glow. This schedule hinges on you only undergoing dermaplaning or gentle facials. If you have a procedure such as a chemical peel between dermaplaning sessions, you may need to wait before having another session.  Your master esthetician will review your skin needs and create a customized skincare treatment plan. To schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also reach us online through our contact forms and Price Simulator™ app.
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Non-Surgical Nose Job Bellevue: How Long Does A Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Last?

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A non-surgical nose job is a procedure that can correct undesirable features of the nose using dermal filler injections. While not suitable for every patient wanting to make alterations to their nose, it is a wonderful option for patients that do not need or want a full rhinoplasty. The procedure can also serve as a trial run for more permanent rhinoplasty surgery. Before undergoing the injections, patients often ask: how long does a non-surgical rhinoplasty last? The answer to this question will largely depend on the type of filler used and individual factors. As far as the type of filler used during a non-surgical nose job, this will depend on your needs and the specifics of the procedure. Dr. Jonov can discuss the filler options for your non-surgical nose job and which will provide the best results. In general, most patients can expect their non-surgical rhinoplasty to last between six months and two years. Factors that can impact this include your metabolism, how much you exercise, and overall health. This impacts how quickly your body breaks down the filler. Beyond this, to promote the longest lasting results from your non-surgical rhinoplasty maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the easiest way to keep your results as long as possible. To find out more about the benefits of a non-surgical nose job, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also reach us online through our Price Simulator™, contact form, and chat.
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