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Are Breast Implant Sizes Customizable In 2024?

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Breast augmentation ranks highly among the most popular cosmetic procedures. Breast implants are some of the most researched medical devices in existence. Technological advancements have led to increasingly safe implants. With these improvements comes the ability to customize breast augmentation. Patients can now choose implant type, shape, and size. They can also opt for different incision locations and methods of implant placement.The ability to customize most details of breast augmentation may partially explain its popularity. Another possibility is that a growing number of women pursue breast augmentation as a procedure to provide definition and femininity to their natural figures. This change shows the shift in the focus of breast implants. Their purpose is no longer to create volume and dramatically alter the appearance. Instead, more women see it as a way to add a more subtle enhancement to their figure while improving their self-confidence.

Current Size Options In 2024

Breast implants come in a range of sizes. Where profile is concerned–how far the implants extend from the chest–there are four options: low, moderate, high, and extra high. The next choice is how many cubic centimeters make up the volume of the implant. The usual sizes are 120cc to 800cc, though some cases require sizes outside this range.

Breast Implant Customization Options

Patients can choose the shape of their implants along with the size. Traditional implants have a round shape, creating equal volume at the top and bottom of the breast. Teardrop implants provide a more natural, subtle shape that starts narrow at the top and widens toward the base. These implants are anatomically correct and mimic the organic shape of the breast tissue.During a consultation, patients may be able to see the projected outcome of their procedure. Most plastic surgery offices provide patients with digitally altered images or 3D models, showing how their implant choices will impact their overall appearance.

Choosing Breast Implant Sizes: Medical Considerations

Breast implant sizes are about more than aesthetics. Surgeons recommend different implant sizes and profiles for each patient. These sizes depend on the patient’s chest width, weight, and height. Sizes too large can interfere with daily life and cause discomfort. An experienced surgeon will suggest sizes that produce a balanced, proportionate figure.

Advancements In Breast Implant Technology

There have been significant improvements to breast implant materials. These advancements in safety and efficacy have led to a procedure that produces better, more satisfying results. Patients are also less likely to experience adverse reactions or surgical complications. Surgeons can perform breast augmentation through a procedure designed to have as little impact on the body as possible. With these advancements, patient recovery times have improved significantly.

Patient Satisfaction And Breast Implant Customization

Allowing patients more control over their surgical decisions has proved to be beneficial to the success of breast augmentation. Patients who choose their implant sizes are less likely to seek revision surgery or express dissatisfaction with their results. These patients report an increase in self-esteem and overall confidence.


Advancements in breast implant technology have led to many choices regarding implant sizes. With options for the shape, material, and implant placement method, patients can customize much more than the size of their implants.The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery offers patients various breast augmentation choices. Contact us today at 425-775-3561 to schedule a consultation.
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What Is The Most Common Breast Implant Size?

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Breast implant size is an essential topic among breast implant patients. Many patients worry that their implants will look fake if they are significantly sized. Other women worry they may choose implants that are too small and won’t notice a difference. The best implant size depends on the patient’s build, preference, and overall goals. However, there are implant sizes more commonly used than the rest.  Typically, women choose implant sizes within the 350-500cc range. This gives them a c -cup, depending on their frame and the type of implant used. However, it takes about 200cc for a woman to increase her cup size, so depending on the patient’s starting point, the implant size can vary. Patients need to have an in-depth consultation with their provider to understand implant sizes and determine which would work with their shape and body structure. Implant sizes are different for every patient and are not sized according to cup sizes. Dr. Jonov can help you find the best ones to fit your goals, needs, and physique. To learn more and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jonov, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also reach us online via our Price Simulator.