Does A Rhinoplasty Make You Look Younger?

A nose job surgery is considered among the top plastic surgeries in the world. It is not generally touted as an anti-aging surgery, especially since patients of all ages undergo a rhinoplasty. However, some patients who want to look younger sometimes ask, “Does a rhinoplasty make you look younger?” In some cases, a rhinoplasty can make you look younger. Aging does affect the nose. While it is not as noticeable as in other areas of the face, the nose can become droopier and the tip loses its definition. Rhinoplasty surgery can correct this. Now, while the average facelift makes you look about seven to ten years younger, a nose job is said to be somewhere around 3 years younger on average. However, a rhinoplasty can be combined with a facelift or other anti-aging procedure for even better results. Ultimately, you and Dr. Jonov can help determine the right combination of procedures during a consultation.  The main motivation behind nose job surgeries usually is not to look younger. Though, for some patients, it is one additional perk. To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can reach out online via chat, contact form, and Price Simulator.
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