What Does BOTOX In The Masseter Do?

By November 22, 2021 No Comments
Plastic surgeons and cosmetic injectors continue to find innovative ways to use BOTOX for cosmetic purposes. One of the hottest new BOTOX procedures is masseter BOTOX. Unlike other BOTOX injections, masseter BOTOX does not explicitly address wrinkles or aging. So, what does BOTOX in the masseter do? First, let’s look at what the masseter is and where it is located. The masseter is a facial muscle located towards the back of your cheek and jaw. It is responsible for lifting the jaw upward when extended. This muscle can become overgrown, genetically larger, or carry extra fat. Injecting BOTOX into the masseter muscle results in a slimmer looking face. It does not impact the function of the muscle, but does cause it to retract slightly and weakens it over time so that it does not project as much. While temporary, this non-surgical facial slimming procedure is among the most effective and sought after. To learn more and schedule a consultation with an injector, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also reach out online using Price Simulator, chat, and contact form.
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