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What To Expect A Year After Breast Augmentation

By October 11, 2021 No Comments
Following breast augmentation surgery, most patients can fully return to all activities within six to eight weeks. However, just because they resume exercise and lifting does not mean that they have seen their final results or fully recovered. In general, plastic surgeons consider results final and recovery finished after nine months to a year. So, let’s look at what to expect a year after breast augmentation. The first year following breast augmentation surgery is the most crucial. This is when the breast implants will drop into position, when most complications occur, and when patients can begin enjoying their newly augmented breasts. When you hit the one year mark, your implants should have dropped, your breasts should feel soft, and any noticeable side effects should have subsided. Dr. Jonov may or may not want to see you for a one year post-op, depending on how the rest of your recovery went, or if you have concerns. Most breast augmentation complications–while rare–tend to happen within the first year. Therefore, after your one year post-op, you will only need to follow up with Dr. Jonov if you have concerns. At one year, patients should see the full results of their breast augmentation surgery. This is when it is truly possible to gauge the outcome. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Jonov, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also connect with us online via Price Simulator®, chat, or contact form.
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