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Can You Brush Your Teeth After Buccal Fat Removal? And Other Recovery Questions

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Buccal fat removal is a procedure gaining popularity among patients. With slim faces and defined cheekbones in style, more and more patients want cosmetic surgery to achieve this look. Buccal fat pad removal is one of the simplest and best procedures for this goal. While the surgery features a fairly laidback recovery, patients often have many questions when it comes to recovery. Here are some of the most common ones, answered:

Can You Brush Your Teeth After Buccal Fat Removal?

Yes, though you should be careful. Brush your teeth gently and be careful to avoid the incision areas. Also, do not rinse your mouth with anything, including water or mouthwash until okayed. 

When Can I Eat Solid Foods Again?

Usually, patients can resume their normal diet within a week. However, some patients may not have to stick solely to a liquid or soft diet. You should avoid nuts, popcorn, seeds, and other similar foods that are hard to chew or small enough to get stuck in the incisions. Dr. Jonov will provide more personalized diet instructions after your consultation and surgery.

When Can I Rinse My Mouth?

Dr. Jonov may recommend gentle salt rinses one to two days after surgery. This can keep the mouth clean and relieve discomfort. Patients typically perform these rinses one to three times a day based on their instructions. To schedule a consultation, please call us at 425-775-3561. You can also contact us online via Price Simulator™, chat, or contact form.
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3 Non-Invasive Summer Skincare Options

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With the promise of sun this summer, procedures like chemical peels and laser resurfacing cannot be performed with the same frequency or intensity. These treatments leave the skin sensitive to sun and sun damage. Therefore, it is best not to have them done during the summer months, or to only treat areas consistently and completely covered with clothing. Luckily, our master estheticians perform other treatments that will not make your skin sun sensitive while still keeping a healthy glow throughout summer. Here are 3 non-invasive summer skincare options from The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery.  

#1: Oxygen Facial

  An oxygen facial promotes circulation and cell turnover to keep skin looking refreshed. It also moisturizes and infuses oxygen into the surface of the skin to keep it well nourished. An oxygen facial can benefit nearly every skincare routine and is safe for all skin types and tones.  

#2: Rain Facial

  A customized facial in Bellevue, the rain facial features nine different treatment heads that are combined individually to treat your specific skin needs. Like the oxygen facial, the rain facial is gentle, using a stream of water to clean and nourish the skin for a lasting glow.  

#3: Dermaplaning

  Dermaplaning removes dead skin and peach fuzz from the surface of the skin. This allows for daily skincare to penetrate deeper into the skin and results in a “dermaplane” glow. It can result in some mild irritation, but requires no downtime or time out of the sun.    To schedule a summertime appointment with one of our master estheticians, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also contact us online via our Price Simulator™, chat, or contact form.

How Painful Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

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Getting a tattoo can be a painful endeavor. Those who choose to remove their tattoos may wonder if it comes with pain as well. Overall, the best way to remove a tattoo is using a laser which can break down the pigment of the tattoo and fade it into your skin. One of the most common questions our master estheticians hear during laser tattoo removal consultations is, “How painful is laser tattoo removal?”   The amount of pain that a patient experiences during laser tattoo removal will vary from patient to patient. Generally, patients do feel some pain or discomfort during the procedure. For many, this pain compares to getting the tattoo. Others may experience less pain depending on the age, location, and size of the tattoo.    Additionally, a laser tattoo removal session takes less time than most tattoo appointments. Therefore, you will only have to bear the pain or discomfort for a short period of time, unlike when getting the tattoo. Your master esthetician can provide better insight into how painful laser tattoo removal may be for you after gauging the specifics of your tattoo.    To schedule a consultation with a master esthetician at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also reach us online through Price Simulator™, chat, or contact form.
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The Benefits Of VASER Liposuction

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VASER liposuction is a type of liposuction that uses ultrasound technology to liquefy the fat and tighten the skin. VASER lipo is often combined with more traditional liposuction techniques to provide further toning and skin tightening. When considering their options, patients often inquire about the benefits of VASER liposuction, especially in comparison to regular liposuction techniques.    VASER liposuction is similar to traditional liposuction in that it often uses tumescent to break up the fat and requires small incisions. However, it is generally considered a more gentle and less invasive form of liposuction. It also has the ability to target fat more precisely which leads to better muscle definition than traditional lipo.    One of the biggest advantages of VASER liposuction is its skin tightening properties. Occasionally, patients will not see their skin retract enough following a liposuction procedure. This is unlikely in an ideal liposuction candidate, however, VASER can help the skin contract following surgery for a tighter physique.    Overall, the main benefits of VASER lipo is that it allows Dr. Jonov to be more precise during liposuction. It also promote skin and tissue tightening for better Bellevue liposuction results. To schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also contact us online via our Price Simulator™, chat, or contact form.
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How Hard Is It To Rupture A Silicone Implant?

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Breast augmentation Bellevue complications are rare, but understandably, patients want to know the risks of breast implants. Among one of the most well known and troubling complications patients ask about is breast implant rupture. Rupture is when a breast implant breaks within the breast. Depending on the type of breast implant, rupture may not cause too many issues beyond a deflated breast. However, in extremely rare cases, rupture can cause major problems. With silicone implants becoming the standard, patients often want to know “How hard is it to rupture a silicone implant?” Modern silicone breast implants rarely rupture. Silicone breast implants can withstand hundreds of pounds of force and pressure. It is unlikely that normal everyday contact or force would cause your breast implants to rupture. There have been cases of certain types of injuries or accidents (such as a car accident) causing implants to rupture, though even this is fairly rare. Breast implants do break down over time with natural wear and tear. Therefore, the chances of rupturing them from force do go up over time. It is also possible to cause small tears in the implant. It is important to monitor your implants carefully and reach out if you have concerns. Modern silicone breast implants, known as gummy bear breast implants, are made of a cohesive gel less likely to leak or rupture.  In the rare event that a gummy bear implant ruptures, the gel sticks to itself and is less likely to lose its shape or cause major problems. To schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can contact us online using Price Simulator™, chat, or contact form.