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Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare Tips

Can fruit help you heal after a cosmetic surgery? How about meditation and mindfulness? You may be surprised to learn that both may help you shorten your recovery time, but don’t reach for the bananas and zafu mat just yet—there are some caveats. Continue reading to learn more about cosmetic surgery aftercare.

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Eat More Fruit To Decrease Swelling After Liposuction

Do some research on quercetin, which is found in apples and citrus fruits. It boasts anti-inflammatory properties and is a great source of anti-oxidants. Red onions and certain green vegetables also contain high levels of quercetin. Additionally, you may be able to get your fill using a dietary supplement, but make sure to follow the directions on the bottle and heed any warnings, because it can cause complications if not taken correctly.

Be Zen

Okay, you don’t actually need to meditate, but you should definitely be mindful of your activity level after any surgery. Don’t engage in any activities that elevate your blood pressure or heart rate for a few weeks and make sure to keep yourself calm, because prolonged stress can lengthen your recovery time.

It’s also important to be patient if your body is healing at a slower rate. Everyone’s body heals differently, and age, genetics and environment all play a role in the length of the healing process.

Use The R.I.C.E. System

R.I.C.E. stands for “rest, ice, compression and elevation.” We’ve already covered the importance of rest. Short periods of icing and compression can dramatically reduce your recovery period, but you must tailor these tools to your specific procedure. Make sure to ask your surgeon when you can begin icing and whether or not you can compress the site. Furthermore, if your surgery targeted your extremities, then elevating the site can aid the healing process.


WebMD recommends that patients make hydration a priority after they’ve undergone a cosmetic procedure. You should aim for at least six glasses of water during the days after your procedure. This will help your body flush out any waste or toxins from around the wound site, making for a better and cleaner healing.

Be wary of dehydration which affects your body’s balance of electrolytes and impairs the cellular function required for the healing process.

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Facelift or Necklift: Which Is Right For You?

The number of available cosmetic procedures has proliferated within the past decade. The techniques used to complete the treatments have also changed and multiplied, allowing surgeons to customize treatments to meet your unique needs.

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That’s all fine and good if you know what procedure you want, but what if you can’t decide between two treatments that address similar issues? For instance, look at the facelift and the necklift. Surgeons perform both in a similar fashion, but each addresses a different part of the body, and it can be difficult to determine where lower face sag ends and excess neck skin begins. How can you tell which is right for you? Keep reading to learn more.

The Facelift

Of the two procedures, the facelift is the more popular option. According to the American Society for Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), facelifts were the fifth most popular procedure in the United States in 2012. As we grow older, we start to show our age on our face, and if you smoke, spend large amounts of time in the sun or eat poorly, your face will appear older.

During a facelift, your surgeon will remove or adjust loose skin, tighten facial muscles and remove fatty deposits to decrease both sagging and wrinkling. Facelifts can also address thick lines that form between the nose and the sides of the mouth. Depending on the type of facelift, we can also target loss in cheek volume.

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The Necklift

The necklift is a less common but becoming more popular. The Smart Beauty Guide reports that more patients are choosing to have a necklift to address jowls and creases that form under the chin. The shape of the neck is extremely important when it comes your face’s proportions, and you’d be surprised how many years are taken off during a necklift.

Although necklift surgeons use similar techniques to those that are employed for facelifts, but necklifts generally involve more liposuction. The benefit of the procedure is seen most dramatically in profile, where a strong jaw line is a sign of beauty and youth.

If you can’t decide which procedure to get, why not get them both? Combining necklifts and facelifts is very common because they are complementary procedures that can transform your face in one quick stroke.

If you still aren’t sure about which procedure to undergo, come visit us! We can give you all the facts so that you can make an informed decision. To schedule a time to meet and discuss your procedure, call 877-738-4211.

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Cosmetic Surgeon News Roundup

Since their inception, cosmetic procedures have suffered through biased depictions in the media. Like many advancements in technology and medicine, they were not readily accepted into society until their benefits were more concretely established in the public eye.


In recent years, though, a variety of factors have caused cosmetic surgergy to become better accepted. Namely, increased support for personal freedoms has swayed many people’s opinions on the practice. After all, who’s to judge what a person deems appropriate for their own body?

Likewise, the issue of bullying has thrown the benefits of cosmetic procedures into sharp relief. Why should someone be teased and bullied endlessly for a small cosmetic defect, like protruding ears, when it can be quickly and easily remedied by a cosmetic surgeon?

As is usually the case, the media is a good indicator of current and changing social mores. Recent news stories show that the media is more willing to run articles on cosmetic surgery that people can rally in support of or identify with in a positive way. In other words, cosmetic procedures are no longer on the fringe.

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Positive Portraits Of Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeries Flood The News

Hello Magazine recently ran a story that confirmed that Victoria Beckham, voted one of the U.K.’s 100 most powerful women by the BBC, had a breast enlargement surgery in 1999. Similarly, Kim Kardashian has been the object of constant speculation in the media about which cosmetic procedures she has tried. Kardashian—who has appeared on the cover of Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Self, among others—previously admitted to having Botox to keep her face smooth and youthful.

A recent article from Mail Online speculates that she has also had fat transfers to get her famous derriere.

Lawyers And Public Rally Behind Woman Asking Insurance Company To Pay For Procedure

If you are injured in a car accident and your doctor tells you (and your insurance) that you will need a surgery to recover from your injury, then it should be considered a medically necessary expense, right? That is what one woman is arguing.

RTV News reports that a woman recently suffered damage to her breast implants during an accident. Her insurance is unsure whether they should cover it, but personal-injury lawyers have spoken out, saying that an injury is an injury.

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3 Ways That A Cosmetic Surgeon Will Determine If You Are A Good Candidate

Cosmetic surgeries are transformative and rejuvenating, which means that they are a big commitment. You are committing time and money to reset the clock on your body and look younger and more attractive. As with any type of surgery, your surgeon will sit down with you during a consultation to determine whether or not you are a good candidate.


Although each surgery is different, there are a few constant factors that your surgeon will use to evaluate your candidacy. Below, you’ll find three of the most common considerations during an evaluation. Your consultation will also be a great time to answer all your questions and determine how well you get along with your surgeon.

At the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, we are dedicated to helping our prospective patients become fully informed and ready for their surgery and all that it entails. To schedule a consultation with a local, experienced cosmetic surgeon in Seattle, Call Us At 877-738-4211 Today!

1. You Lead A Healthy Lifestyle And Are Committed To Maintain It After Your Cosmetic Surgery

Physical competency is one of the first considerations before any type of surgery. Finding a skilled, knowledgeable surgeon makes up most of what you need to do to ensure that your surgery is a success, but you’ll also need to be healthy enough to undergo treatment and the recovery that follows.

WebMD explains that there are some parts of your lifestyle that you may be required to change before you can be considered a good candidate for cosmetic surgery. For instance, you should quit smoking about a month before your procedure. Likewise, you should avoid nicotine for at least two weeks after surgery.

Your doctor may also ask you about the amount of alcohol that you’re drinking and about your exercise habits to determine if you are physically fit enough for surgery.

2. You Are Mentally Healthy

Although cosmetic surgery can impart a variety of mental-health benefits, including an improved sense of self-esteem, your mental health needs to be sound in order to be considered a good candidate. In other words, the decision to undergo a surgery should not be prompted by depression, anxiety or any other mental-health disorder.

3. You Are Prepared To Disclose Your Entire Medical History

Even if you don’t think something is important, you need to speak up and tell your surgeon about your history and your habits. For instance, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure can all affect your body’s ability to heal and successfully undergo a surgery. Likewise, certain prescription medications, vitamin tablets and herbal medications can affect your final results, so don’t be shy when your surgeon asks about them.

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