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3 Causes Of Saggy Breasts

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Saggy breasts are a common complaint we hear during consultations at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery. Many women want to achieve perkier breasts and restore lost volume. Thankfully, there are many options to address saggy breasts including a breast lift or breast lift with augmentation. The right procedure for you will depend on your goals, anatomy, and the cause of sagging. Let’s take a look at 3 causes of saggy breasts.  

#1: Aging

  Aging is the most common cause of saggy breasts. As skin loses elasticity and gravity continues to pull down on the breasts, this eventually causes sagging for most women. Though, every woman will see different changes related to aging. Some may see only minor sagging while others may see more severe ptosis.  

#2: Weight Changes

  Weight changes–gain or loss–can contribute to or worsen breast sagging. With weight loss, extra skin can cause breast sagging and result in unwanted volume loss. Weight gain can increase the volume in the breasts, which can also cause sagging. When combined with aging and other factors, weight changes can largely affect breast ptosis.  

#3: Smoking

  Smoking causes the premature breakdown of the body’s structures. It limits collagen production, thins the skin, and leads to loss of elasticity earlier in life. It can also overall worsen the natural aging of your skin and breasts. If you quit smoking before this occurs, you can slow or sometimes even reverse this. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling 425-775-3561. You can also reach out online using chat, Price Simulator®, or our contact form.
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What Does BOTOX In The Masseter Do?

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Plastic surgeons and cosmetic injectors continue to find innovative ways to use BOTOX for cosmetic purposes. One of the hottest new BOTOX procedures is masseter BOTOX. Unlike other BOTOX injections, masseter BOTOX does not explicitly address wrinkles or aging. So, what does BOTOX in the masseter do? First, let’s look at what the masseter is and where it is located. The masseter is a facial muscle located towards the back of your cheek and jaw. It is responsible for lifting the jaw upward when extended. This muscle can become overgrown, genetically larger, or carry extra fat. Injecting BOTOX into the masseter muscle results in a slimmer looking face. It does not impact the function of the muscle, but does cause it to retract slightly and weakens it over time so that it does not project as much. While temporary, this non-surgical facial slimming procedure is among the most effective and sought after. To learn more and schedule a consultation with an injector, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also reach out online using Price Simulator, chat, and contact form.
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Inner Thigh Lift vs. Vertical Thigh Lift: Which Is Best For You?

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The thighs are a common area that women tend to hang onto stubborn fat, especially the inner/upper thigh. For some patients, liposuction of the thighs is enough to clear away this stubborn fat and leave the patient with the thinner thighs they desire. However, sometimes if a patient has lost a significant amount of weight, extra skin can appear on the thighs. Unfortunately, liposuction cannot address this. This is when a thigh lift may be necessary to achieve the look they want. Patients, once learning their options, often ask, “What’s the difference between an inner thigh lift vs. vertical thigh lift?” The main difference between an inner thigh lift and a vertical thigh lift is the extent of the procedure. An inner thigh lift mainly only removes skin from the inner, upper thigh. This is among the most troublesome area and some patients may only need to address this area for a good result. Conversely, a vertical thigh lift incision extends further down the thigh and addresses a larger area. This procedure is usually performed when extra skin is present further down the thigh as well as the inner thigh. Beyond this, the two procedures are strikingly similar and both use virtually the same incision. To find out whether an inner or vertical thigh lift is right for you, schedule a consultation by calling 425-775-3561. You can also reach out online at Price Simulator®, chat, and contact form.
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What Does A Bullhorn Lip Lift Do?

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In the last decade, the lips have become the focus of many cosmetic procedures, including lip filler. Though it is not just non-surgical lip enhancements that have gained popularity, surgical ones have as well. One of these is the lip lift. At The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Jonov primarily performs the bullhorn lip lift. What does a bullhorn lip lift do?   There are two main objectives that a lip lift can achieve. First, it can shorten the distance between the upper lip and nose. For some people, this length of skin may cause their lips to look thin, contribute to an unwanted masculine appearance, or otherwise cause concerns. Secondly, for patients with a thin upper lip, a lip lift can expose more of the red or pink part of the lip. This can be revolutionary for a patient self conscious about their thin lips.   The bullhorn lip lift technique uses an incision that resembles bullhorns. Located along the upper lip, it is well hidden in the natural transition between your skin and lips. It removes skin and then elevates the upper lip into its new position. It is a fairly quick and non-invasive procedure.   To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also reach out online using our Price Simulator® app, chat, or contact form.
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Does The Zombie Carbon Laser Peel Cause Peeling?

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The zombie carbon laser peel is The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery’s take on a traditional carbon laser peel. Combining soothing carbon lotion with laser technology, the treatment is fairly comfortable and rejuvenates the skin without creating major damage. Since it is referred to as a “peel”, many first time patients ask, “Does the zombie carbon laser peel cause peeling?”   Generally, the answer is no. Unlike a traditional chemical peel that contains various ingredients designed to resurface the skin such as lactic acid, carbon lotion is not formulated to do this. It provides a dark colored surface for the laser to target which controls the amount of laser energy that reaches the skin. This leads to a treatment that both rejuvenates and soothes the skin.   With that said, some patients can experience minor peeling after the procedure. While not especially common, it is usually not something to be concerned about. If patients experience peeling, they can moisturize and, after a few days, lightly exfoliate. You can also always contact your master esthetician to find out the best aftercare solution for your skin.   To schedule a free consultation with a master esthetician, call us at 425-775-3561. You can also reach out online using chat, contact form, or Price Simulator®.